Feather vs. Ikat

Hello lovelies!

How are you all today?

I'm very excited today as this week, we've finally decided our wedding rings. I get to pick up mine this week and then all that remains is pretty much my dress for the day. Of course I also have a discussion to have with the catering to make sure they will consider the different diets some of the guests - including myself - have. But so far, I think it seems pretty good. I must say I start to feel quite excited for the wedding, and the thought of a bachelorette party with my girls sounds pretty darn amazing. I will try to do some kind of a post about wedding planning soon, where I can tell about my experience so far. I'm really hoping to make ones about the bachelorette party and wedding itself as well, but we'll see how well I will handle the camera then.

Today, I really wanted to talk to you about girly stuff, so I decided it was time for a new nail art post. Hope you like it!

DSC06766 (Large)

First up is this set of baby pink feather nails, which were so fun to paint - and were actually a result of an uninspired moment when I thought I wouldn't get decent nail art done. And I ended up loving them a lot. So that was nice. 

DSC06794 (Large)DSC06774 (Large)

I really enjoyed having these nails, I think the feather print, baby pink and gold all compliment each other nicely. This felt super girly to me, and I must say I love that light pink color a lot. 

DSC06781 (Large)

The colors I used were China Glaze Spring In My Step, Goldie But Goodie, De-Light, Essie Licorice, and couple of Kiss nail art pens. Studs are from Born Pretty Store

DSC06773 (Large)DSC06930 (Large)

Next is this Ikat pattern I created with two of the Rimmel nail polishes I got earlier this Spring. I have been dying to try this, but I always thought it's difficult. Few weeks ago I saw another Finnish nail blogger (I'm guessing it was Nena Sofia's Nails, but not sure) do these, so I had to finally google it out. 

It turned out that the technique is actually not that hard, and I'm thinking I could try out making a tutorial. Would you guys prefer pictorial or a video? Let me know. 

DSC06952 (Large) DSC06948 (Large)
Again, I loved these quite a bit. The Ikat pattern isn't exactly how I wanted, but for a first try, this wasn't entirely bad. Luckily the technique is very forgiving and looks best as bit messy. 

DSC06963 (Large) The colors I used were China Glaze White On White and Crimson, and Rimmel Peachella and Glaston-Berry. The only tool needed is a thin nail art brush. 

DSC06941 (Large)
I hope you darlings enjoyed this post at least as much as I enjoyed painting my nails for the pics. I think these both were very wearable but fun, and I'm sure I will be making similar ones with different colors this year. I know I will paint Ikat pattern this week, because I can't wait to see how it looks with neon colors. 

Let me know which one is your favorite in the comments below! 

That's all I have for you today, make sure to check my social media accounts for more (links in the sidebar except for Snapchat - where you can find me as silvertigo). I will be back tomorrow with another post, so stay tuned. 

Have a fabulous day ♥


  1. Wow, both of these design are fabulous. I have a feather nail art on my blog too, but yours looks much better!

    1. Thank you! I think yours looks amazing too! ♥

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  3. Your wedding prep sounds so exciting.
    And really love the feathered nail designs. The first one with the pastel back looks amazing.


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