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Hello my lovelies!

How are you all today?

I've been having a great day with work, baking, training and all the other stuff. I'm going to keep today's post quite short because I should be already sleeping but instead I need to go to shower and do other things first. So, to the point, right?

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Last month, I received a package from Reddville, containing all sorts of little pink boxes. They were i say products, which are targeted for women, and especially for taking care for your intimate parts. I still keep blushing as I type this, because this topic isn't necessarily natural for me. But, let's give it a try, were all friends here, right?

So the i say products have both tests (for intimate infections) and care products (both daily and for the infections) in the range, and luckily I haven't needed all of them yet. But I can say I find it very interesting that they have launched this kind of line, because the packaging is so cute even I would feel comfortable buying them if I needed one. 

Bonus product was a Sea-Band sickness preventing bands, which can relieve morning sickness during pregnancy, motion sickness or even sickness caused by radical medical treatments. I'm not pregnant so far, and don't suffer ill feelings too much anyway, but I'm very curious to try them out if I will get bad morning sickness in the future.

DSC07778 (Large)

Now, there are couple of things I have tried, and actually liked so far. Those are the intimate wipes (as I'm a sucker for any cleansing wipes in general) and the intimate mousse intended as a part of your daily shower routine. Both of the products have Cranberry-Active compound in them (as all the products besides the tests), which supposedly is good for your lady parts, as cranberry in general is. I think these cleansing product work nicely, and I've felt pretty good using them so far. (TMI already?)

I can't say too much about the tests so far, but the thought of being able to test some intimate infections at home instead of an awkward visit to the doctor sounds very tempting to me. If you happen to need a balancing product, I think these should be at least considered as an option.

Hope this wasn't way TMI for you all, I promise next one will be lighter one!

Now, I'm heading to shower and bed, because I'm already terribly behind my schedule. But that's why they've invented caffeine, right? ;)

Have a fabulous day you all ♥

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