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I'm currently having my bachelorette party as you might have noticed in my social media channels. But, I didn't want to leave you wihtout a post in case you're having a cozy night home, so I wrote this little piece beforehand to make sure you have something to read.

Today I want to show you my latest nail polish haul, which was a while ago (month or so) but as the colors are made for this summer, I don't think it's too late to post this.

DSC07457 (Large)

So I bought the China Glaze Electric Nights collection from Head2Toe Beauty, along with the basic black and white polishes. I had been eyeing this collection ever since I heard it was coming, but only on my pay day in May I had the realistic chance to order them. I must say, the neons are pain in the butt to photograph because they never quite look quite the same they do in real life. (In real life theyr'e usually much more vibrant and pretty.

DSC07460 (Large)DSC07462 (Large)DSC07461 (Large)

I know, way too many shots of the polishes... But they're just so beautiful!

DSC07463 (Large)

First are the necessary basics black and white. I ran through two or three white polishes every year because of my love for gradients and neons, so I always need to have some in hand. I've herad there are better whites than White On White out there, but I have yet to try those (because they're a tad more pricey.

The black, on the other hand is a new friend, I've usually used Essie Licorice, but due to China Glaze's more affordable price, I thought I'd give a go to Liquid Leather, which I have heard so many good things about. (And those of you who wonder, yes, it is pretty darn good so far.)

DSC07464 (Large)

Then to the main point, which are the neons. I should save these beauties to last butI'm so excited about them I just need to talk about them straight away. Swatches for all the neons are at the bottom of the post. 

So, these multicolored glitter polishes are (in my opinion) the absolute gem of the collection. They aren't metallic at all, like most glitters tend to be, but instead they're just fully neon. From left to right, the polishes are:

Point Me To The Party: a multicolored top coat with pink, orange, green and blue little hexagons in it. Not something you could make opaque by layering, but definitely fun over any colored polish. 

Let The Beat Drop: Top coat with hexagons in shades of red (orange, pink, red, purple). This on is absolutely adorable, and I can think of many ideas on how to use this one in the future. Like the above one, this one also benefits from a color underneath.

Can I Get A Untz Untz: The green version of the glitter topper. It has green, blue and purple in it, and as a color combo it looks pretty frash to me. This one also likes a color under it.

DSC07467 (Large)

Then to the plain colors. Although there's nothing plain in these as they are bright neons. From left to right:

Daisy Know My Name: A super bright yellow (which the pic doesn't show too well) that doesn't look too yellow in the bottle, but on the nail it's a different story. This one is a classic neon yellow, and it definitely needs a white underneath to maximize the neon in there. It also can look like different shades of yellow, depending on how many coats you layer over white.

Home Sweet House Music: A vibrant orange that Sam from Packapunchpolish said looks like radioactive mac and cheese. And in real life, it kind of does. The picture doesn't do justice to it. It reminds me of a fruit of some sort, but I can really name what that is. Something related to oranges,  anyway. 

Red-Y To Rave: Orangey red that is amazingly bright, kind of a super neon. Again, the picture doesn't show even half of it, it is so bright and gorgeous. And for a neon, this is reasonably easy to work with.

DSC07469 (Large)

Glow With The Flow: Very bright and cute pink polish that is such a necessity for your collection of pink polishes. It is way lighter and brighter in real life, but my camera wouldn't capture that properly. This one, along the glitters, is my favorite in the collection.

Violet-Vibes: First of the two purples in this collection, and it is more red of the two. This one reminds me of last years neon collection - it had kind of similar one in it - but this was still a pleasant addition to my collection of purples as it is different enough still.

Plur-ple: The more blue of the two purples. This one was something I actually happened to like more than I thought I would. I'm sure this one will get a lot of use later on. 

DSC07471 (Large)

UV Meant To Be: Very bright light blue that is borderline not even a neon. It is a gorgeous color and I will surely use it a lot, but I wouldn't necessarily call it a neon anyways. But if you need a light blue, this one could be it. At least it's very vibrant.

DJ Blue My Mind: Darker than the above one, and also super vibrant. This lovely shade has only one setback, which is that it stains. Quite a bit. Note! if you ever buy it and use it, use at least two coats of base coat underneath, even three. Otherwise you could end up with sadly blue-stained nails. (Trust me, I learned the hard way even with two coats of base.)

Treble Maker: The green of the collection. I love this shade so much, it's quite any greens I own so far, so bright and a bit blue-toned. This one, I think is an absolute must-have, if you're only thinking of ordering some of them. Even my hubby-to-be noted how awesome this is, so that's saying something.

DSC07481 (Large)

Then some swatches. Inconveniently these are not exactly in the same order as in the bottle pictures, because for some reason I wanted to try and put the glitters in between (I know, my logic is really something.) But these, from top to bottom, are: Point Me To The Party, Daisy Know My Name, Home Sweet House Music

DSC07478 (Large)

Red-Y To Rave, Let The Beat Drop, Glow With The Flow.

DSC07476 (Large)

 Violet-Vibes, Plur-ple, UV Meant To Be.

DSC07473 (Large)

DJ Blue My Mind, Treble Maker, Can I Get A Untz Untz.

Overall I think this collection is worth getting if you are into bright colors and neons like I am. I know this isn't probably something everyone wants on their nails, but I personally love neon polishes so much because they are so fun to wear. I like my nails to be my accessories as well.

Which ones of these do you like the best? Or do you even have something from this collection? Let me know in the comments!

Now, that's all I have to share today. I hope you liked this post, and if you did, you can also follow me all around social media for more! This weekend, you can see some highlights of my party weekend on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and Snapchat, so tag along if you're into parties or wedding related stuff! 

Have a fantastic weekend ♥


  1. You are totally a polish collector like seriously!


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