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Hello lovelies!

How are you all today? ♥

We've had our wedding party today, but I didn't want to leave you without a post so I wrote this beforehand so you'd have something to read if you're having some free time this weekend. Today, I'm telling you a bit about our day in Helsinki last month.

Like you might have seen in social media, we had a little adventure in Korkeasaari zoo with our friends. It's been a while since we went there, so it was nice to be back.

DSC07858 (Large)

And this time, we took a boat!

DSC07861 (Large)DSC07869 (Large)DSC07875 (Large)

This magnificent birdie was walking free in the zoo, which is pretty awesome. And it didn't even attack me even though I was kinda close with my camera. Below, some of my favorite photos from the trip.

DSC07878 (Large)DSC07881 (Large)DSC07884 (Large)DSC07885 (Large)

This little fella came to say hi up close through the glass. 

DSC07889 (Large)

And this big kitty also came close to see people. Tigers are so gorgeous, I really wish we people can make them not be so extinct or endangered in the future.  

DSC07891 (Large)

My inner Jack Sparrow really wants to borrow that boat!

And below, my outfit for that day, shot in a horrible light but it was such a nice outfit I really wanted to share it here.

DSC07896 (Large)DSC07903 (Large)DSC07909 (Large)DSC07927 (Large)DSC07899 (Large)DSC07931 (Large)DSC07918 (Large)

Plaid shirt: secondhand Top: H&M Shorts: Gina Tricot Tights: ASOS Sneakers: Boohoo Scarf: gift from my parents(?) Earrings: Gina Tricot Ear cuff: gift from my parents Bracelets: H&M, gift from a friend Necklace: Gina Tricot Rings: Gina Tricot, H&M, eBay

Had a kind of edgy look that day, it was sunny and warm so the shorts were totally appropriate - but the plaid had to play an accessory when it was the hottest time of the day because long sleeves were just too much. But this look also worked with the shirt around waist so that's cool. (Sadly I don't have a picture of that for you.

What do you guys think about the look (or the other pics)? Let me know in the comments!

That's all for you today, I hope you're having an amazing weekend! Our party and other fun things can be seen on my social media channels today and later on as well, and I'm hoping I can create some sort of a post about the wedding later on as well. See you tomorrow or on Monday the latest here in the blog.

Have a fantastic weekend, I love you all ♥


  1. Congratulations on the wedding. Can't wait to see pictures. And cute look - as you know, I love plaid!

  2. Happy Married life once again my love!


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