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When you are reading this, I'm already married! The actual celebration is tomorrow, but we had the paperwork done today so this is officially our wedding day. It's also my maid of honor's birthday, so we are celebrating both this weekend. And while we're talking about parties, I feel it's totally appropriate to talk about makeup.

DSC08191 (Large)

I placed this little order on MUA Cosmetics a while back, with intention of ordering new waterproof liner. That was out of stock, but it didn't stop me from getting other stuff. 

DSC08197 (Large)

Eyebrow Brush - £1.50

I'm so into eyebrows nowadays, so I had to get a proper tiny brush for drawing them. This was reasonably priced and does the job very well. It's already a necessity for me.

DSC08200 (Large)

MUA Wet Look Liquid Liner - £2.00

Since I couldn't get my favorite eyeliner, I decided to be brave and try out a new one. This makes thicker line than my trusted product, and is more difficult (for me at least) to use, but it is decent as far as liners go, it is a rich black color and has a bit of wet look shine to it. 

DSC08203 (Large)
DSC08207 (Large)

Liquid Eyeliner (green & blue) - £1.00

Also got some colorful liners in the hopes of getting warmer weather and creative summer looks. I feel these green and blue ones would go nicely with my style, and once I got some looks done with these, I will show them to you.

DSC08193 (Large)

Swatches of all the previous products and the lipsticks, that I will show you below.

DSC08209 (Large)

Lipstick, shade Flamingo - £1.00

So I was hunting for the perfect soft pink color, and decided to try couple ones since these are so affordable. The shade Flamingo is very light, kind of cold pink that comes off pretty powdery on the lips. Not my favorite consistency, but I kinda love the shade. Swatch below.

DSC08219 (Large)
DSC08212 (Large)

Lipstick, shade Tulip - £1.00

I thought I wouldn't like this one too much since it looked kinda dusty shade of rose in the packaging, but ended up being surprised since it looks very different on the lips. It's a cute, warm baby pink that goes nicely with my skintone. This one would probably look best over a similar lip liner, but looks good on it's own too. It has a nice, moist consistency and it's easy to apply.

DSC08227 (Large)DSC08216 (Large)

MUA Luxe Whipped Velvet Lips - £3.00

This one was kind of an impulse buy, but the name of this shade - Hedonic - was just too awesome to pass. Also, the shade looked amazing. This truly feels very soft on the lips, but I need a bit of practice to get the coverage work better. But I think this is very pretty and that it will get quite a bit of use.

DSC08235 (Large)

So that's my mini haul today, I hope you guys liked it and that it maybe even was a bit helpful. I personally like buying MUA Cosmetics products since they are affordable but still have enough quality to them. I think the brand is great for those who love to try new looks but want to do it on a budget, or for students who love makeup. 

I wasn't paid to rave about them, I can only hope I was. And yes, I will be raving abut them again in the future, you can be sure of that.

Have you tried MUA Cosmetics? How did you like them? Let me know in the comments below!

Tomorrow, you will have another scheduled post to read. Tomorrow is also the day of the big party, and I hope I will get plenty of pictures to print out as real photos - as well as few that I can share maybe with you guys. You can follow me on Instgram, Twitter, Facebook and Snapchat to stay tuned with our party mood and then some. Also, remember my #julybeautychallenge on Instagram if you love beauty related content!

Have a fantastic weekend ♥


  1. Beautiful post,dear!!! Amazing blog! Welcome

  2. Beautiful post,dear!!! Amazing blog! Welcome


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