My Bachelorette Party

Hello lovelies!

I hope you're all having a fantastic Tuesday ♥

I'm super excited about today's post, as I finally get to show you bits and pieces of my bachelorette party (or hen night or bridal shower, whatever you wanna call it). My friends were amazing and threw me such a lovely day to celebrate us getting married. We had a crew of five ladies, and we had so much fun. 

DSC08371 (Large)

The day started off with a picnic on a lovely beach spot. We had nice selection of girly treats and some sparkling wine to start the day. Also notice my super awkward face while opening the bottle. And yes, it was quite windy, thanks for asking.

DSC08377 (Large)DSC08379 (Large)DSC08386 (Large)

My program of the day was built around a "wife exam", which was supposed to test whether I am wife material. There were different tasks for me to go through, and most of them were planned so that all the girls took part as well.

DSC08396 (Large)

I was especially excited about the F1 Wife part, where the girls tested whether my knowledge of the sport is accurate enough since I'm marrying a F1 fanatic.

DSC08397 (Large)DSC08401 (Large)

For the curious minds, I can proudly tell that I passed with flying colors. I got all of them right. After this, we had more active engagements:

DSC08421 (Large)

Finnish outdoors game Mölkky...

DSC08443 (Large)

...some racing with a scooter...

DSC08455 (Large)

...and some blind walking. This devious little part was actually part of my surprise of the day, since it really meant:

DSC08474 (Large)

"You're going climbing with your eyes closed!" I gotta say this was so much fun. I wish I would've had more strength in my hands so I could've gotten another round with eyes open, but with all the excitement and uncertainty of what I was really doing, I gave too much of the strength in round one. But I will definitely try this again, it was really fun!

DSC08482 (Large)DSC08487 (Large)

I made it out alive, and got a drink too! After this, we had very relaxed night with good food, some drinks and lots of talk. It was so nice to have a proper girls' night after such a long while. The last couple of pics are from Intro, where we dined and had drinks, and they're taken with phone so sorry if the quality ain't the best.

That's what I have for you today, bits and pieces of my party night. I realized I didn't take proper outfit pics or anything, but I hope you can get some of the happy vibes we all had the whole day. Big thanks to my girls (especially maid of honors) for giving me such an awesome party. I love you all so, so much and it was the best to spend time with you. I hope we can do girls' night again soon!

What are your memories of a bridal showers etc., if you've been to one? Let me know in the comments!

I'm off now, but you can follow me around on social media, where I try to update all sorts of little things about the wedding and other things. I still have my #julybeautychallenge going on on Instagram, so if you like beauty stuff, let me know there so I can try to whip something up here on the blog as well. Tomorrow, we will talk a bit about makeup, so stay tuned for that.

Have an amazing day ♥


  1. This looks awesome! It looks like you had loads of fun! I wouldn't dare climb a wall blindfolded! Brava!

    1. Thanks, we had so much fun! Climbing wasn't a big deal, except for the fact I would've needed more muscles and shorter nails ;) ♥

  2. You have amazing friends! These kind of party's will be a fantastic story to tell your kids some day! My daughter loves when I am telling what my friends did with me on my bridal shower party. I had to walk on the street with a veil on my head and a shirt with SOON TO BE MERRIDIE written on it and had to ask good looking guy to write their name and phone number on the shirt (the numbers where for my friends who didn't had boyfriends :)) I had a fun day with lot's of activities! It is fun to remember it! Great post!

    1. Thank you, yours sounds like a great story, no wonder your daughter loves to hear it! ♥


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