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How are you all today? ♥

I've had a great weekend since the F1 (and supporting classes of motorsports) was on again this weekend. We have basically just stayed home watching sports, but today we took an hour long walk out in the sun after the race, which was pretty amazing (and romantic, even).

Today, I wanna share my latest nail polish haul with you. I was shopping for more autumn shades from my usual nail polish shopping place Head2Toe Beauty, and below are the ones I got:

DSC09252 (Large)

From left to right: Wood You Wanna?, Rain Dance The Night Away, Feeling Twinkly and Ruby Pumps

DSC09254 (Large)

Left to right: License & Registration Pls, Let's Dew It, Boho Blues and What's She Dune?

DSC09256 (Large)

Left to right: Towel Boy Toy, Techno, Golden Enchantment and Cabin Fever.

DSC09258 (Large)

Left to right: Make A Spectacle, Wanderlust, Too Yacht To Handle and Trip Of A Lime Time.

So, quite many again, plus a new bottle of Fairy Dust since the previous one is almost gone. Below, you can see swatches and a bit of description of the colors.

DSC09260 (Large)

Cabin Fever is a cute duochrome polish that goes from pink and red to copper and even a hint of green I think. It's a lovely shade for autumn and would go very well in many different designs. I try to come up with few nice ones for you to show.

Wood You Wanna?  is a pretty metallic with loads of fine glitter in it. It's kind of a metallic taupe shade, or something like that if you'd want to label it, but it's pretty, it's kind of dark yet it has dimension to it.

Ruby Pumps is quite a classic as so many ladies have named it as their favorite, and it's no wonder since it is a gorgeous rich red with plenty of glitter in it. It's perfectly festive for the holidays, but also appropriate for any occasion since it is such a classic shade of red.

DSC09264 (Large)

Feeling Twinkly is clear based polish with plenty of bright blue glitter. This can be built up to a quite opaque glitter, but probably looks its best over a color polish. I love the shade of the glitter, it's absolutely gorgeous blue.

Let's Dew It is also a blue-ish glitter, although this one has different sizes of glitter and it could be also almost called lilac. Almost, but not quite.

Make A Spectacle seems like a layerable polish to me, meaning that it really needs something else under it to actually look like something. I kind of fell for this after seeing swatches of it over dark polishes, so that's what I need to show you all later in the future.

DSC09266 (Large)

Techno is also one of the legendary CG polishes, it seems everyone and their mom has it - and that everybody loves it as well. I can definitely see the appeal of this silver glitter topper that shines in every color of the rainbow. I think the different-sized glitters and make any mani that much more fun. I can't believe I haven't gotten this one earlier to my collection.

Golden Enchantment is the golden equivalent of Fairy Dust, but seems not as common of a choice as the silver one is. This is a topper with super fine gold glitter that shines in different shades. I  have to make some research on how to properly pair this, but I'm sure it at least looks stunning over dark shades.

DSC09269 (Large)

Towel Boy Toy is a shimmery turquoise that is bright and cute - and more of a summer color than an autumn one, but what the hell. I kinda liked how this looks, and I thought I didn't have enough blues, so...

Rain Dance The Night Away is a lovely turquoise, and looks more different from the previous one in real life than the picture shows. It's a bit brighter and lighter, and it doesn't have shimmer in it. (I don't have a problem, I really need this color too.)

Licence & Registration Pls is a lovely medium blue color that is kinda bright even (again not showing that much on the pic), but definitely a super wearable color that goes well with so many shades. And unlike the blues on Electric Nights collection, this doesn't seem to stain. Love that. 

DSC09272 (Large)

Wanderlust is light lavender/pink with some golden shimmer in it, it's super cute shade and I'm wearing it actually at the moment on my nails. It's a very subtle shade that's appropriate everywhere.

Boho Blues is a light blue that turns bit to the lilac, but it's blue nevertheless. I loved wearing this a few days back and it's absolutely one of my favorites I got in this haul. It also matches quite perfectly to Let's Dew It, which you will see in another post later on.

Too Yacht To Handle is another favorite of nail bloggers all around the world, it seems. Again, it's no wonder because it's quite perfect shade of neon turquoise (almost mint, even), and it totally makes your nail art pop. So. Freaking. Gorgeous. I love this one to bits and I'm so happy I got it.

DSC09274 (Large)

Trip Of A Lime Time is a lovely green that is quite yellowish at the same time. I was obsessed with this shade as a teen and actually wore a lot of clothes of this color (yes, I may have looked like a pea around that time, just not as cute). So this was actually pretty nostalgic. It's kinda similar to CG S'more Fun from what I gather, so you may not need both if you got one of these.

And last but not least: What's She Dune? is a beautiful neutral shade (of beige) that is super nice option for a nude shade. It's bit of a sandy color which to me is super pretty, and it makes a great base color for so many different manis. I love this one so freaking hard.

These were the polishes I got this time, I hope this post is any helpful is some of you are thinking of getting any new autumn shades for your nails or so on. I think I won't be buying polishes for a couple of months now, just so I will save a bit more money and also because I have a plenty to use as it is. (You will see exactly how many in the future posts, so be prepared.

Are there any colors you are liking? Or have you tried out any of these yourself? Let me know in the comments!

Now, I'm hitting the shower, and then the bed, because tomorrow is yet another long day at the office, and I need to be fresh and awake to get through all the tasks and so on. I will be posting something fun again tomorrow, but haven't yet decided what that will be. But I'll see you tomorrow anyways!

Have a great start for your week ♥


  1. I spent my weekend watching the F1 as well. It was such a good race. I love these nail colours too - the shiny ones are gorgeous.

    1. It was so eventful! I'm hoping a good one this weekend as well! :) <3


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