My Nail Stash: Whites

Hello lovelies!

How are you today? ♥

I've been shooting a new Halloween look today, as well as chilling and watching some F1. So overall it's a great weekend I'm having. And I have a day off on Monday as well, so I'm thinking I might get most Halloween looks done this month already. Which would be cool because I still have to edit them and such so I need my sweet time for that as well.

Today, I'm starting another series around nails (don't worry, this will only be posted every once in a while, I have a ton more that are not related to nails), and I hope at least some of you will like it. I'm introducing my nail stash color by color, starting off tomorrow with white.

So here we go:

DSC08969 (Large)

Okay, technically these first ones aren't really white, but they fit here better than anywhere else. So from left to right: Essie First Base my go-to base coat at the moment, Essie Good To Go - fast drying top coat which was my go-to before buying HK Girl by Glisten And Glow, and Matte Top Coat by Born Pretty Store

DSC08970 (Large)

Ghoulish Glow - glow in the dark top coat which is a China Glaze staple every Halloween. Not the best one out there, I've heard, but I think it works okay. There's Snow One Like You - texture polish that looks like a blanket of snow on your nails. White On White - my go-to white polish that I use in so many of my manis. Snow Globe - a cute glitter that glistens in many colors and that has both round and hex ones in it.

DSC08976 (Large)

Essie Blanc - my previous go-to white. White Konad Stamping Polish, quite self-explaining. Ciate Angel Wings - a gorgeous pearly white. Ciate Halo - beautiful shimmer that glows in pink and blue once the light hits it. 

DSC08977 (Large)

IsaDora Graffiti Top Coat is a plain white effect polish that gives the nice crackled effect to your mani. Kiss Nail Art Pen a good tool for tiny nail art, like striping or such. And last but not least Art Club Nail Art Pen in glittery white shade - mainly glitter, not so much white. But still.

So there are my white polishes. If you have any questions about these ones, hit me up in the comments and I try to answer as well as I can. I will be showing more of my polishes later, and I need to say that the latest haul (which you can see here) is not included here because I took the photos before that one got to me.

Do you have a favorite white polish, and if you do, which one is it? Let me know in the comments!

Now, I'm gonna take my sweet time reading some blogs, because that is a luxury I haven't gotten to do in  while and I miss it a lot. I will see you all tomorrow in another little post, and in the meantime you can follow me on social media for more frequent updates. Tomorrow, I will be creating another Halloween look, and a sneak peek will be up on Instagram once I get it done. 

Have a lovely day, dolls ♥


  1. Nice ones!!


  2. Well, I don't have a favorite white polish, I am seeking for the best one for years. I would like one that it covers perfectly in one coat...I did not find it yet!

    1. That would be perfect! If one of us finds that, let's update the other one too, okay? ;) ♥


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