Our Wedding Party

Hey lovelies!

How was your weekend? ♥

We've been chilling at home and I've been doing some stuff for school as well as shooting for the blog (and Instagram) and playing some video games. The relaxation has been necessary. Today, I'm finally sharing some pictures from our wedding, which aren't that many because our party was quite private - and because most pictures were of our loved ones and I don't really want to share their pics without their permission. I won't actually be blabbering more than this, but I will rather let the pictures speak for themselves.

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So there, bits and pieces from our special day. There's still a lot of things to do, like thank you cards, changing my name to all the cards, getting new email addresses and so on. (Which makes me want to write about a kind of "what to remember when getting married" sort of post for those of you who haven't yet gone through all this.) Our wedding was pretty casual event with our closest friends, and we feel like it was absolutely perfect that way. We got to celebrate our future life together with the people we love, and that's all we needed. 

I can't wait to create an actual album with paper pictures during this Autumn so that I can go through that with friends and family in the future and remember the happy moments we all had that day. And with our friends, also in the evening. I feel so blessed because we have so many amazing people in our lives that we can call friends and family - and I can't wait to start our own little one with this man. (Although, don't expect babies just yet.)

I hope you all liked this little peek to our wedding ♥

I need to go to bed now, since tomorrow, I need to take care of some post-wedding things, and I need to look fresh for that (who else loves passport pics?). I will be back tomorrow with another post, so stay tuned for that. And also, follow me on social media for more frequent updates!

Have a fantastic start for the new week!


  1. I was very curious about how you looked on your wedding and I was sure that when you will show us some pictures it won't be the usual ones with the bride all in white. You two looked amazing and I am sure you had a memorable day together with your loved ones!

    1. Haha, it makes me so happy that my personality actually shows through here so much you would think that :D I'm too clumsy and too untraditional for the white dress, even though it is the prettiest on some people. ♥

  2. Looks like it was a gorgeous ceremony. I love your dress so much. You look like the perfect bride.

    1. Thank you so, so much honey! The ceremony was the greatest, and I loved the intimacy of the event. ♥

    2. Wish you all the happiness in marriage 💖
      You were a beautiful bride.

  3. Yeah I also heard from my cousin that there are number of NY venues and locations out there which provides a peaceful, calm and pleasant atmosphere in your wedding party with a widespread menu for solemn specialist.


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