Pink Blazer

Hello lovelies!

How are you today? ♥

I've enjoyed a rainy day home, shot a Halloween look number two, edited the blog's layout (did you see?) and also had some household chores done. So not bad at all. What have you been up to?

Today, I'm sharing this summer office look because I really need to get these out of the way as it is September already (and I'm shooting Halloween stuff as it is). I really loved this look, and even though you may think shorts in the office are a no-no, in our office it's fine. As long as they are somewhat good taste and you butt is not showing.

DSC09621 (Large)DSC09636 (Large)DSC09669 (Large)DSC09614 (Large)DSC09676 (Large)DSC09663 (Large)DSC09659 (Large)DSC09682 (Large)DSC09654 (Large)

Shorts: custom made Blazer: H&M Ballet flats: Andiamo(?) Top: Bershka Necklace: gift from friend Headband: Boohoo Rings: Gina Tricot, H&M

Maybe too many shots of this look, but I loved so many of the (detail) pics. I had an updo for once (let me know if you'd like a tutorial), and this was kind of way out of my comfort zone. I mean, I don't wear all pink that often. Or ever. But I went for it this time and it was kind of fun. And it wasn't even a Wednesday. Probably.

What do you dolls think about this look? Let me know in the comments below!

I'm gonna go now, and watch some late night TV with my man. I hope you liked this post, and the new blog layout (which might get little alterations soon). If you want to see more, follow me on social media for Halloween sneak peeks and more fun things. I will see you all tomorrow!

Have a fabulous weekend ♥


  1. This is such a beautiful look. I love all the pink.

  2. Ihanan pirtee asu! <3 Toi väri pukee sua niin hyvin!

    1. Kiitos paljon, tykkään kyllä itsekin ainakin silloin kun on yhtään väriä ihossa :) ♥


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