My Nail Stash: Blues

Hello lovelies! How are you today? ♥ I've been spending the day fighting flu and gathering vitamins to my body. It feels like my body is getting better, but I'm positive I need to avoid exercise the whole week (lame). I have quite a bit of things planned for this week, including taking the first outfit pics this year - I still haven't, we had other things going on last weekend. But now that the weather seems to be getting more decent, I know I'll be getting pretty snow shots soon. 

In the meantime, I hope you'll like these beauty and food related posts instead. Today, I'm showing you more of my nail polish stash. See my blue polishes below:

DSC09008 (Large)

From left to right:

China Glaze One Track Mind: A lovely navy blue polish. This is one of my favorites even though I don't always know what to pair this with.

I Sea The Point: Bright blue with slight purple undertone to it. Very inspiring shade now that I look at it, I actually need to do something with it soon. This one tends to get a bit runny on top if you don't shake it from time to time. Just a thing to be aware of.

Mosaic Madness: Glitter topper with different sized blue hexagons, black hexagons and black bars. This would be amazing in jelly sandwiches if I owned proper jelly polishes.

Splish Splash: Summery blue shimmer that works perfectly for those poolside manicures. This is a polish I use too little, but I might try to change that this year.

DSC09019 (Large)

IsaDora Papagayo Blue: Beautiful bright blue polish with a bit of shimmer in its finish. One of my favorite back in the day.

IsaDora Glowing Beetle: Glitter polish with green, blue and silver, that shines in colors of the rainbow in the light. It's similar to Disco Ball, which I showed you in a previous post.

Konad stamping polish: A blue stamping polish. That's pretty much everything about that. It's a cute color.

GOSH Blue Balloon: This is a cute light blue polish and actually one of my favorites outside China Glaze polishes.

Kiss nail art pen: Cute light blue shade (or should I say turquoise?) for detailed decorating.

DSC09011 (Large)

China Glaze DJ Blue My Mind: Quite a neon blue polish that I have a love/hate relationship with. While the color is pretty amazing, it also stains your nails properly if not used with a lot of base coat. I kid you not, this one stains badly.

China Glaze License And Registration Pls: I guess this could be called medium blue? It's not crazy bright but it's very pretty. It looks more green here than it actually is, but anyway, it is quite gorgeous.

China Glaze Capacity To See Beyond: The Giver inspired light blue polish that I would kind of describe as sky blue. I don't know if that tells anyone anything, but that's what I would say it is.

China Glaze UV Meant To Be: Lighter Version of DJ Blue My Mind, at least kind of. It's a bright, light blue that looks gorgeous on. Doesn't stain quite as much as the darker sister there, but definitely needs some base coat under it.

DSC09014 (Large)

Ciaté Power Dressing: Beautiful dark blue/navy polish and my favorite from the Ciaté polishes I own. It has a lovely creme finish.

Ciaté Headliner: Nice turquoise polish with creme finish. This is so much brighter than the picture shows, but I can tell you it's beautiful.

Ciaté Glass Slipper: This would be a pretty bright blue glitter polish, but... Like all the Ciaté glitter polishes I own, this smells weird and the consistency has dried up. I will be throwing this away soon unless I find a way to salvage it. But if it would work well, it would be lovely.

Kicks Electric Blues: Bright blue shimmer with loads of shimmer in it. This is the only Kicks polish I own, and even though I don't have any negative thing to say, it probably hasn't been too amazing since I rarely use it and I don't have a thing to say about it. I might need to try this during spring so I can actually give a final verdict.

Mavala Tropique: Cute light blue with the tiniest hint of shimmer to it. I used to adore this one a lot and even though I prefer other brushes, I still love the color.

What do you guys think about these nail polishes? And, what is your favorite shade of blue (nail polish or just to wear as a top or something)? Let me know in the comments below!

Now, I will go get my winter shoes and skates from the attic so that I can really get into the winter vibes here. I will also prep my lunch for the next couple of days and catch up with some TV before bed. I feel quite beat even though I've rested the whole day, but I guess that's what flu does to you! I'm still quite positive that some rest, enough water and vitamins as well as veggie food will be the key things to make me healthy soon. Luckily this doesn't seem so bad that it would keep me from blogging, so I at least have that keeping me going. ;)

I will stop here for today, but you can follow me on social media for more updates. I will probably be even more active there soon when I get my new phone working and wired up. I've been sneaking pics to Instagram with it already (can you tell which ones?), but I'm still working with my old phone for a few days. Anyway... See you on social media?

Have a fabulous week darlings ♥


  1. I love wearing blue polish. You have a great selection. I really like the Gosh one.

    1. Thank you! Blue is a lovely color, although, like said, some of them stain so badly! ♥

  2. Love all the Colors

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