#31DC2015 Inspired by Tutorial and Honoring Nails I Love

Hey lovelies! How are you today? ♥ I've been typing an essay most of the day, and now I'm super relieved it's over and done with. Others out there having a crazy spring going on? If so, I feel you. Now, I'm so happy to be typing something casual and fun, like this post right here. It's so relaxing after today. But anyways, to the post:

Galaxy nails
Today, I'm sharing the last two designs of last year's 31-day challenge! I know, it's taken forever. But hey, after this we can get to newer designs - meaning nails I've done this year.

The first design today is this galaxy mani, which actually should be the second one but I like it better so I wanted to put it first. These are honoring a galaxy manis by the super talented @coewless on Instagram. If you love nails, but haven't checked her out, go do it now! That girl knows how to rock the nail art game.

space maniSpace nail

I really love galaxy manis, I think they are so beautiful every time - and they come out different every single time. So that's cool as well. 

nebula nails

I can't really remember all the shades I used, but the ones I can recall are the base color which is Star Hopping by China Glaze, the white is my usual CG White On White, the glitter on top is Fairy Dust, and the others are certainly from China Glaze but I can't remember the exact shades. Sorry!

Galaxy maniglitter nails

The other design was inspired after doing the nails in this post, and realizing how much I loved the glitter sandwich effect, so I recreated it to all my nails and added some tiger print on it. I figured it qualifies as inspired by tutorial because without seeing one back in the day, I wouldn't know how to paint this on my nails.

animal print and glitterstars and glitter

Haha, raise your hand if this is familiar from the previous nail post!

glitter mani

The polishes I used were China Glaze Tune Our Thing, Turn Up The Heat, Liquid Leather, a white Konad stamping polish and Kiss nail art pen in silver.

tiger print nails

So, what do you think about these designs? Let me know in the comments below!

Now, I'm going to treat my hair with a little bit of a mask and enjoy a bit of a night snack before heading to bed. I will finally have some blog reading time tomorrow, so that's super exciting. I will be back soon with another post, but in the meantime you can go follow me on social media, where I post pictures and all daily.

Have a fabulous day ♥


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