Rainbow Tips & Black With Gold

Hello lovelies! How are you today? ♥ The week is halfway done already, and I'm kinda very excited for that. The weekend will include sports (F1, ice hockey) and people I love, so it should be good. Also tomorrow, it's 25 days until the big trip. I'm so, so excited. I can't wait to tell you a bit more but I have to wait for couple of things to arrive before that.

Today, I'll be showing you nail art from January. (I know, I'm so behind!) Luckily these designs aren't too themed, so you could absolutely wear these any given day. Like today, maybe.

rainbow tip nails
First up are these rainbow tip nails I did around New Year's. I loved the idea of neon tips (I remember seeing this idea on someone's Instagram but can't figiure out who that was) and decided to do my own version of them. I love how simple this design is and how easy this would be to modify for all kinds of color combinations.

french manineon french nails

I thought the little glitter placements would make a cool detail to the mani (also, they cover little mistakes along the border very well, haha), so I added them. And luckily that wasn't too much.

modern french mani

The polishes I used were Essie Muchi Muchi for the nude part, China Glaze White On White as the base for the rainbows, and China Glaze Red-Y To Rave, Home Sweet House Music, Daisy Know My Name, Treble Maker, Too Yacht To Handle, UV Meant To Be, Splish Splash and Violet Vibes for the rainbows. And probably couple other colors but I can't remember what they were. (Gosh, I really need to start taking a picture of the products I use so that I can remember later on...) The hexagon glitter is from Born Pretty Store.

rainbow nailsheart nails

The second set is actually my NYE nails. If you read my NYE post, you might remember that we had a gold theme (theme being a pretty lose term here), and naturally I wanted to match my nails to it. (Check out the post here if you didn't on January.) So, I went for a classic pairing of black and gold.

NYE nailsGlitter gradient nails

I personally loved all the glitter in this design, and even got compliments from one of my guy friends for this mani. And that, my friends, means your mani is on fleek. I think.

NYE mani

The polishes I used were China Glaze Liquid Leather, Goldie But Goodie, Golden Enchantment and Essie Rock At The Top. The heart shapes were painted with the help of tape, and I can show it to you later on a tutorial. (Once I get a proper filming camera, that is.)

black and gold nails

What do you think about these designs? Let me know in the comments below!

That's all I have for you today, I hope you liked this post and maybe got a bit inspired by it. I will be back soon with another post, but in the meantime, remember to follow me on social media for more updates. I love you so much, and your support means the world to me.

Have a fabulous day ♥

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  1. Both nail art is great. I like the first one because of the colors and the second is a rock style one, so how can I not love it!


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