Makeup Revolution Ultra Salvation Lip Collection Review

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Today I'm talking a bit about something I bought quite a while ago, but can really now properly tell you about since I've gotten to use it a lot.

ultra salvation lip collection package
So the product I'm talking about is Makeup Revolution Ultra Salvation Lip Collection. It's a lip color kit with six products in three different finishes. I read reviews of this and people had mixed reactions to it so naturally had to investigate myself. (Although, I have to say that having read more and more about cruelty-free products I think I will be switching slowly to that kind because I simply don't feel good about using things tested on animals. It's my understanding that Makeup Revolution isn't unfortunately cruelty-free as I'm typing this.)

ultra salvation lip collection

The shades in this collection look all quite amazing, and to my liking very wearable as well. I get that many can't or don't want to wear the bolder shades in daily life, but for me they are a quite good match. Like I said, there are three different finishes, Velvet, Ultra Velour and Intense. Intense is a glossy finish, that looks intense as the name predicts.Velvet is a soft, matte/satin finish that doesn't dry as matte as Ultra Velour. Ultra Velour, on the other hand, dries very matte and chalky even. Ultra Velour is the only one that dries somewhat kiss proof, the others will definitely get everywhere. Especially Intense.

nude lips
The first shade is the lighter one of the Velvet ones. This one is a cute peachy nude that is super wearable and smell lovely.

light pink lips
Second up, the darker/brighter of the Velvets. This one is a light coral pink, also very wearable and office-approved. 

pink lips
The lighter of the Ultra Velours is a gorgeous bright pink that reminds me of some tropical flower. This one is my definite favorite of the six, and I've worn this quite a bit on my Instagram pictures as well.

purple lips
Darker of the Ultra Velours is this awesome wine red/burgundy/etc. color that is quite perfect for autumn and winter. Although I would rock this all year round since it has the perfect attitude to it.
 glossy red lips
Then there are the two Intenses, lighter of which is this bright fiery red shade, that is a great addition to every girl's collection. I mean, who doesn't need a bright red, right?

glossy purple lips
And last but not least is the plum/purple Intense lip color, that is glossy and fun, but needs a bit of packing to look perfect. It's still quite a cool shade, I love purple lipsticks although they do look a bit funny on me. But hey, it's the attitude you rock wearing them that counts.

My verdict
After trying. swatching and using these all, I totally get where the mixed reviews come from. If you are a long term makeup collector, you start to appreciate the color payoff and long-lasting pigments more. These don't necessarily offer that (except for the Ultra Velours maybe). Like you see in the Intense swatches, those ones bleed like darn. I would love to know if a lip primer or lip liner would make a difference, but obviously I didn't bother doing that just for the swatches. The Velvets have a tendency to stay a bit streaky unless you really layer them up, but for me that isn't really an issue since I can wear them sheer so that really solves that. All in all I do like this collection, it is a fun one if you're starting out with makeup and don't have too much to spare for that. Professional makeup people probably don't get too much out of this one because the payoff isn't superb.

It's worth a try, but unfortunately doesn't make it to my top list. I really watned to like this one since the packaging is amazing and I do like the company, but this feels like bit of a miss. Still, I love wearing these colors and don't regret buying this.

Have you tried this collection out? What did you think about it? Let me know in the comments below!

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