Montreal Diaries: Sloths, Flowers and Italian Food

Hello lovelies! How are you today? ♥ I've been keeping quite busy with work and life lately - like yesterday when I had to reorganize my closet after 10pm - so I'm sorry for not having had enough focus on the writing. I've been quite an active instablogger though, so if you want to see more of me, Instagram is the way to go (I'm @silvertigo there, and so into posting to the stories section - so much more me than Snapchat, not that I hate SC in any way, shape or form).

Today, I'm eager to share our adventure in the Montreal Biodome and its surroundings.

DSC06817 (Large)

So we had one entire day reserved for going to the old Olympic site that hosts the Biodome, Botanical Garden, Olympic Tower and more. I was very excited to go and see the Ecosystems of the Americas that the Biodome has inside. Once again, I know zoos are controversial, but I still believe in the educational value they hold. Sure, it's always best to go and watch animals in their natural habitat, but that's not realistic for everyone. So excluding certain places that keep huge animals in enclosures size of a sugar cube, I'm not personally against zoos as long as the animals are clearly well cared for (meaning they don't look like they're suffering).

But if you happen to be against zoos, you're entitled to that.

Okay, enough disclaimer, let's get to the animals! Can you spot the hairy behind of an animal in the first photo? Yup, that's a sloth.

DSC06818 (Large)

The Biodome offers a bird-watching paper where you can cross which birds you see. I didn't see them all, because they get to fly around the areas quite a bit.

If you've never been to Biodome, it's divided to five sections, starting from the Tropical rainforest, and ending to the Sub-Antarctic Islands. The animals seem to get to roam around quite a bit, especially the birds because they really get to fly a lot - you better watch out for them because they can nearly hit your head.

DSC06827 (Large)

Hello there fishy! I'd love to swim with you.

DSC06828 (Large)

This is like looking in a mirror. I feel you piranha, I feel you.

Who else thinks fish are so soothing? I do.

DSC06834 (Large)

When you try to hide but your bum is too big. Again, I feel you honey.

DSC06841 (Large)

This fella seemed to be having a prison break moment. I've never seen a sloth move so darn fast in my life. I literally didn't know they could go that fast. I wish I had video footage but this pic will have to do.

DSC06838 (Large)

Majestic looking blue birds. I love all the blue birds so, so much. They look fabulous and I can't believe we don't do more to save all the gorgeous species like this.

What I mean by that is that we should all make life choices that would stop exploitation of the tropics and more specifically jungles. I don't want to see a world where Amazon doesn't exist anymore.

DSC06843 (Large)

More blue birds. Because of all things mentioned in the previous caption.

DSC06845 (Large)

This is one of my favorite shots from the Biodome. Is it just me, or does the fish look like it's floating in the air?

DSC06853 (Large)

Some of these pics are perfect evidence of why I need to invest on a new camera. The shots get blurry because I have to use automatic settings in order to take any pics, and that's not always the best way to do things.

But nevertheless, here's a cute little otter with the cutest little face. I love otters nearly as much as raccoons, so my heart skipped a beat when I realized there were playful little ones in the Biodome.

DSC06861 (Large)

And yes, raccoons. I love, love, love them so much. The paws are so cute, the face is adorable, the tail is lovable. I love them.

Also, I love raccoons. If you somehow missed that.

DSC06867 (Large)

This is literally me on Monday mornings, searching the motivation through the window.

Although not really, because I pretty much like Mondays. But maybe on Tuesdays.

DSC06874 (Large)

Since I love all things misunderstood, naturally I love this too. Rough on the outside but probably loving on the inside.

DSC06876 (Large)

There were all kinds of marine birds, and the enclosure looked pretty decent in my opinion. Again, the birds got to fly around freely, and one tried kinda take my head off. But as long as the birds can fly, I don't mind taking a little injury.

DSC06884 (Large)

Another thing I'm quite obsessed with are penguins.

DSC06889 (Large)

Because seriously. Penguins.

DSC06892 (Large)

Look at this face, you can't hate it, or say no to it.

DSC06897 (Large)

Next stop was Botanical garden, located a short walk from the Biodome. The day was warm and sunny, and therefore perfect for walking around along the flowers, bushes and more.

DSC06900 (Large)

I almost discovered my inner flower photographer. The water lilies and other water flowers were so beautiful, although there were plenty that weren't quite blooming when we went there. I'm guessing I have to make another trip just to see more from the gardens.

DSC06901 (Large)

This was my favorite shot taken in there. I love the colors and even the composition plays out pretty nicely.

DSC06906 (Large)

If I ever get a big garden, I want to borrow ideas seen here. I've never been too much of a garden person, but this trip surely awakened my love for plants.

DSC06909 (Large)

Could this be my backyard, please?

DSC06911 (Large)

I know some people are all about cute flower arrangements, but I kinda prefer rough rocks and such.

DSC06916 (Large)

More flower power, since I managed to take decent shots.

DSC06919 (Large)

Native American garden and a lovely pond. I could've sat there and watch this view for an hour. Somehow this soothes me even more than the fish.

DSC06923 (Large)

Getting to the Japanese garden.

DSC06932 (Large)

Who else can see themselves under this tree creating stuff and enjoying fresh air? Me too.

DSC06929 (Large)

Red flowers because yes.

DSC06941 (Large)

This shot would not have happened (because I lack the eye of a photographer) if I didn't see another visitor with more professional equipment taking a pic from the same spot. I don't know who the man was, but shoutout to you anyway. I bet your photo is stunning while mine is average, but thanks for showing me the perspective for the shot.

DSC06943 (Large)

The Olympic Tower made me feel quite small. Can you see why?

DSC06951 (Large)

Also the view from up there was quite impressive.

DSC06956 (Large)

You can see all the way to Longueuil from the tower. And even further but I can't name those areas. The amusement park on the Island is La Ronde, pretty fun place to spend a day (like we did), but not oo comfy seats on the rides.

DSC06957 (Large)

I don't know if I think more about duck foot or fossil when I look at the Biodome building. What do you see?

DSC06960 (Large)

At night, we went to Wienstein & Gavino's, which is a neat Italian restaurant in the heart of Montreal. I had read them having a gluten free menu, so it was a sure choice for us. I wanted to try the gluten free bruschetta, but they were out of the bread that day so I went for mussels as our lovely waitress recommended. I had never had them before, so she made sure a couple of times if I still wanted them - I'm guessing they're not for everyone? - but being the bottomless pit for food that I am, I was sure I would like them. Which I did.

DSC06964 (Large)

For the main course, I got Insalata Di Casa - the house salad, which had goat cheese, fruit and walnuts in it. I loved it a lot, it was one of the best salads I've eaten. I feel like I'm recommending every place we ate in, but since I'm not a food critic and I did my research before the trip to find the best places to eat, we didn't have any bad experiences with food.

Meaning, yes, I do recommend trying out W&G if you're in the neighborhood. It will not disappoint you.

DSC06965 (Large)

The F1 weekend was showing even after the race itself, since some of the shop windows were decorated in the race spirit. This one with a complete Nico Rosberg driving gear (or at least a copy of it) was in one window and I really had to take a picture of it.

DSC06966 (Large)
Lastly, random building shot since I was quite obsessed with the local architecture.

What do you think about this post? Let me know in the comments below!

That's all I have for you today, but next time, I'll show you what I bought on the trip. It's not much, but I think worth a post anyway. Because after all, I got to raid Victoria's Secret for the first time in my life. And a bit more. In the meantime, follow me on social media - especially Instagram - for more updates and all sorts of fun posts. I will see you as soon as possible, hopefully earlier than next Tuesday. 
Have a fabulous day ♥

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