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Hey lovelies! How are you today? ♥ I'm somehow feeling increasingly inspired as the fall comes upon us, I feel like crafting, photographing and simply creating more than I do during other seasons. Maybe it's because the weather gets as dark as my soul.

Just kidding. The real reason I love fall is because I used to love going to school when I was young, and new semester felt always like the start of something new. It was the time to buy new clothes, new school supplies, get a haircut - everything new. So even this day, I feel like reinventing parts of myself. If that makes sense.

Today, it's time for the last Canada related post for now, and I will get back to posting more style and beauty related stuff - and recipes, like I've been telling on social media. In today's post, I will show you most of the things I bought in Montreal, and I hope you will enjoy this post.

DSC_4794 (Large)

Victoria's Secret was one of the places I absolutely had to visit while in a city that actually has one. I had been drooling their items online but wanted to do first purchase in a store so I could see the quality and everything better. So I used the trusty little Mac in our room to locate the one in the downtown of Montreal.

And it was amazing. For a girly girl that I mostly am, it was such a heaven to have all the lingerie, bathingsuits, makeup, fragrances and videos of VS shows around you. If you've never been to a VS store, find a nearest one and check it out. I find them absolutely gorgeous, and I have to tip my hat to the marketing team who creates the image of the stores. They're definitely doing something right.

DSC06968 (Large)

So, in this picture you can see my whole haul. I didn't actually get that much stuff because I have too much in my closet and home already. But then again I'm too materialistic to actually go on a trip abroad and not buy anything. Therefore, you guys get a little haul post out of it.

DSC06971 (Large)
Since the trip was a F1 trip as well, naturally I had to get some team gear. I feel conflicted posting any Red Bull stuff after last race's incident involving Max Verstappen, but since I mainly support Daniel Ricciardo, I think it's pretty okay.

And I'm a Red Bull fan, so I had to get this shirt. Unfortunately it's not a Ricciardo shirt, but the next best thing anyways.

DSC06972 (Large)
And since one needs to protect their head from the weather while watching races, I got this cap. I have one quite similar from 2014, but as the designs change every season, it was time to update the cap.

All the team gear costs a bunch more than I would usually spend on clothing items, but music and sports stuff is something I'm more than willing to invest in. They're usually quite great quality and they tell a story about my personality so I can handle a bit of extra costs.

DSC06977 (Large)
I had heard great things about the NYX contour palette, so I got one from the drugstore. And I've used this pretty much every day since, so it was definitely a good choice.

DSC06979 (Large)
Even for a girl that's part albino, part ghost about 90% of the year, this palette offers pretty usable shades. Although I've yet to figure out a proper use for the darker "highlight" shades, since they're definitely not highlighters for me.

DSC06980 (Large)
Cream concealer, also from NYX. I shoud probably get a liquid one, since this packs kinda heavy on me no matter how I blend it - but it certainly covers well. I've tried four different products from NYX so far, and I've really liked them all. That has kind of made me think about switching to cruelty free products, since there are brands like NYX out there, and that way I could feel good about the makeup I put on my face daily.

DSC06983 (Large)
I also got one nail polish, because I didn't pack any, and I had to take off the Red Bull design at some point due chipping. So I bought this cute grey one by L'Oreal. It's a cute shade I will surely wear, but I don't like it as much as my beloved China Glaze polishes.

DSC06985 (Large)
Since I am such an adult already, I figured I would treat myself to some quality whiskey while I was at it. This is not for drinking your brain out, but rather for enjoying a sip on special occasions. Also, you minors out there - don't drink. I'm old as the universe, so I can.

DSC06987 (Large)
Now to the really fun stuff: Clothes! First thing I got was this lace up top from Garage. I loved the color and the style of this a lot, and if I had more budget, I would've bought this in all the colors. But now, I just got the grey one.

DSC06988 (Large)
I took pics so you could kind of see how the items look like on, but they are a bit of crazy since I had sunburn and all. Don't mind that too much!

DSC06991 (Large)
The other thing I got from Garage is this light grey cut out dress with a nice high neckline.

DSC06996 (Large)
I think this one is super cute with the skater hem and all, and I love how this one looks with a biker jacket too. It's the perfect combo of cute and sexy, still being more of a cute one.

DSC06999 (Large)
Next up are my buys from La Senza. It's quite like Victoria's Secret, but maybe not as much of a brand worldwide. Nevertheless, they're clothes are super cute and pretty affordable, and the service was absolutely amazing.

DSC07001 (Large)
I don't know how you all feel about anyone showing their underwear, but since we all have them more or less I don't see a problem showing these ones. So, I went for pretty colorful ones. These aren't probably the most practical pieces to have, but they are super cute. I absolutely love the pink babydoll top, I've never really had one before but since I found a pink and black one, I had to get it.

DSC07004 (Large)
Last, but certainly not least are my finds from Victoria's Secret. I was ridiculously excited to get the striped pink bag full of goodies, but since they had sale, I allowed myself to get a little crazy.

DSC07007 (Large)
I got even more colorful underwear, because a girl can't have too much of that. These are from the PINK line, which is maybe a bit more sporty and relaxed whereas I feel that VS itself is branded quite fancy. I also think PINK is a bit more affordable, which is always a plus. I loved the style of the undies I got so I bought a whole bunch at once. These are my favorite things to wear under everything, if that's not TMI.

Also, I had to get a perfume, so after careful consideration I chose Bombshell. It's such a lovely smell, and I recently found out it doubles as a mosquito repellant. Talk about 2-in-1!

DSC07008 (Large)
I got some sporty/casual items too, meaning shorts, leggings and a sports bra. Can you tell I love grey and black?

DSC07013 (Large)
The clothes are absolutely comfortable, and I've been running with the bra quite a bit now so I can tell that works well for that too. I like how the shorts can be worn like this, but also you can turn the waistband so that the text print won't show out.

DSC07014 (Large)
And lastly, this is how the leggings look. They're so soft and comfortable and I'm constantly wearing them at home when they're not in the wash. I may have to invest in another pair so that I will have one to wear everytime.

What do you think about the little haul? Let me know in the comments below!
That's all I have for you today, and hopefully I will get back to you really soon. In the meantime, remember to follow me on social media, where I post things daily - my latest obsession is Instagram Stories. If there's anything you'd like to see from me here on the blog or in the social media, let me know in the comments and I can see if we can make it happen. 
Have a fabulous day ♥

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  1. Love all these items, especially Victoria's Secret ones! I like your blog and I'll be happy if we start following each other!


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