Halloween 2016: Lara Croft

Hello lovelies! How are you today? ♥ I'm still a bit hyped about our fun hockey and gaming themed weekend, and therefore I figured this post is the best one to carry on from there.This is also one of the Halloween posts I'm most excited about, so I hope you guys really like it!

Below, I present you my quick Lara Croft interpretation.

DSC07760 (Large)

This isn't the best money can buy, but I'm still reasonably proud of it. And, I will show another outfit option later in this post in case you live in a climate where this is too much or if that's easier for you to recreate. This first look is adapted from the 2013 version of the game, which seems to be the rare occasion that she actually has pants and not shorts. So I was more than happy to built something around my trusted camo pants and came up with this. 

And yes, I built the garter belt thingy from a belt, shoulder strap of a bag and some hot-glued fabric. For an actual occasion, I would order one from eBay, but for these purposes, this was enough.

DSC07761 (Large)DSC07770 (Large)
And, before anyone starts off about something not being canon enough - like my hair - my only answer to you is that it's Halloween and all for fun. Were I to cosplay Lara, I would definitely put more to it and get the dark wig. But today you'll have to do with Lara's blond copy. 

DSC07772 (Large)
One of the best things about this look is that it requires so little from the makeup. I did a simple little liner, mascara, bit of neutral eyeshadow for dimension and a nude lip. This certainly is pretty enough to wear any given day, I think.

DSC07773 (Large)DSC07784 (Large)
Then of course there's the French braid, which in my mind is quite iconic to her. Granted, my hair isn't as thick and fabulous as Lara's but good enough for this hair nevertheless. Since the hair and makeup with this is so, so simple, I think this makes a great last minute costume if you only have anything that resembles one of the outfits Lara has worn throughout the series.

Below, another outfit option since I had way too much fun with this.

DSC07786 (Large)
The second Lara look is based on the film and/or the 2003 game Angel of Darkness. This was the easiest for me since the other ones would've required a baby blue/mint green top, and my rock chic closet doesn't have that. (Seriously Lara darling, can't you wear like a band tee or something? Just kidding.)

Anyway, I was kind happy how this turned out, and if I only had started this project on the warmer weather, I definitely would've gone to play with this outfit outside to get way better pics. But hopefully these will do too. At least that's something I can definitely improve next year.

DSC07794 (Large)DSC07803 (Large)
When you try to do a cute pose.

DSC07806 (Large)
What do you think about the Lara Croft outfit? Let me know in the comments below!

That's all I have for you today, but I will be back with another Halloween post in couple of days - and maybe with another post in between. I'm really hoping you are liking these Halloween idea posts, since I had a ton of fun making them. It's fun to play someone else sometimes, right? If you want to see more from me, follow me on social media where I post things daily. I will talk to you here soon too!
Have a wonderful day ♥

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