NYX Fall/Winter Haul

Hello lovelies! How are you today? ♥ I've been too distracted by everything to sit down and blog lately, but today feels like a day to do so. I've got my feet in a little bath and I'm wrapped in a blanket, so I'm not going anywhere in a while. And I'm loving it.

Other thing I've been loving lately is NYX as a brand. I've been trying out their products this year, and I've been falling in love with them. After all, they're affordable, not tested on animals and super cute on top of that. Below, you can see my latest NYX haul (and two bonus items):

NYX makeup haul
I'm quite determined to switch all my basic makeup to cruelty free alternatives, and NYX seems to be a good transition brand due to it being so easy to get. And they have a decent selection of everything so that's cool too.

La Vie Est Belle Perfume

This is the only product that wasn't NYX. It's a perfume sample from Lancome for their scent called La Vie Est Belle. It has a nice, feminine vibe to it, as it is classy and floral - and light enough to be an everyday scent. I'm really bad at describing scents since I don't recognize that many (of the perfume scents). This is not necessarily my favorite perfume of all time, bu I could wear this from time to time.

NYX Blush

I haven't bought a traditional blush in years - instead I've used cream ones - but once I saw the cute packaging of these, I kinda had to buy one to try. The shade here is called Babydoll, and it's from the High Definition Blushes. This one definitely is high definition - partly because I'm super pale - and it looks really lovely on the cheeks. Since taking this photo, I unfortunately dropped this and can't really take it with me anywhere because it sheds all over the place. I may have to try to press it back together soon though.

NYX Lipstick

Next up is a cream lipstick in shade Tea Rose. This one is a lovely muted pink that is perfect for everyday use - which I bought it for, obviously. With my complexion, I find it hard to figure out a perfect nude to wear, but the rosy ones and/or rose shades work very nicely instead. This feels nice and creamy on the lips, and even though it wears off semi easily if you do anything with your lips, I love it a lot. And it looks very nice with a lip liner shown below!

NYX Lip Liner

I got the retractable liner in Nectar. It's a bit darker than the lipstick above, so it creates a cute combo with it and gives an opportunity to do a nice ombre lip too. If you follow me on Instagram, you've probably seen me rock it every once in a while.

NYX lip liner

Other lip liner I got was this more traditional one, in shade Sweet Pink. It's a decently bright pink from the Glide On Liners, and it truly glides on quite well. I love this under my bright pink Maybelline lipstick, but it also looks good just by itself. This one gets a bit dry on it's own since it is quite matte, but that's not too bad in my opinion.

NYX Vinyl Eye Liner

Next one is the liquid liner. I decided to try the Vinyl Liquid Liner, because I needed something pigmented, easy to work with and it being glossy seemed like an added bonus. I think this is more versatile than a matte one, because you can easily make it matte with eyeshadow, but it also looks gorgeous just as it is. The liner is long lasting, truly pigmented, and the tip is thin enough for very fine wings. Or a neat lashline liner. Whatever you prefer.

NYX HD Definition Eye primer

I also got an eyeshadow primer because I've never really had one. This seems to work quite well, but I haven't put it to true test with bright shadows yet. I'll comment on that in another post or on Instagram once I find out.

NYX Fly With Me Mascara

Next up is a mascara I got, called Fly With Me. It's a regular black mascara, with a brush as seen above. Not waterproof, and nothing too special about it. It worked really nicely, but I can't say I love it. I've yet to find a perfect match from the NYX mascaras but then again I've only tried two. Maybe third time will be the charm?

Cailap brush

Lastly, another non-NYX product. Or I should probably say item. Eyebrow brush by Cailap. It's nicely angled and soft pink,  so basically a perfect brush for my brows. This has been working nicely with my NYX pomade, and I feel I might stick with this for quite a while.

NYX swatches

In case you want to see swatches here are all but the mascara. Because it's literally just black mascara. But, from left to right: HD Eyeshadow Primer, Vinyl Liner, Glide On Liner, Retractable Liner, Lipstick and Blush.

Have you tried out these products? Also, can you recommend a great NYX mascara for me to try? Let me know in the comments below!

That's all I have for you today, I hope you liked this post and that you maybe find it a bit helpful even. I'm going to go with this flow now and try to type one or two posts more right away so that I won't disappear for two weeks again no matter how busy I get. So check back in couple of days, and there will be a new post. If you want to see more from me, follow me on Instagram where I'm active daily. Hope to see you in my next post!

Have a fantastic day ♥

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  1. I love Your lipstick.i love your liner..


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