Glitter Accent & Crosses

Hello lovelies! How are you today? ♥ Look who's back so soon after the previous post. Got to start out strong, right? Also, I've needed to make decent use out of my flu days so there's not many things better than blogging in times like these. I'm also getting back to reading my favorites, since I've been more about Instagram and YouTube lately. But with the new energy of the new year I feel like getting back to reading in many ways.

Today, I wanted to share a couple of manicures with you, if you're up to that.

If not, come back when a new post is up because it will be about something else. I promise.

Gold accent nail
The first mani is super simple pink one with a glitter accent nail. This is something absolutely everyone can create with just two colors. And it makes a mani that's appropriate basically anywhere.

Pink nailsPink nail polish

I really don't have much to say about this nail design except that I really like the combination of pink and glitter - especially silver, but I used rose gold here. Also, I think accent nail is such a cool way to make the nails more unique and interesting without spending a ton of time and effort.

Pro tip: When creating a glitter accent, you have the easiest time doing it if you apply the glitter polish to a tiny sponge and dab the polish on instead of doing plenty of layers. Just paint one coat as usual and then just dab on. You don't have to wait for it to dry so long, and it gets opaque easier. Seriously, try it.

Pink and gold nails

The polishes used in this mani are China Glaze Glow With The Flow and Essie Summit Of Style. The base I'm currently always using is Stuck On Blu! and the top coat is HK Girl, both by Glisten & Glow.

Glitter accent nailRock nails

The other design today is a subtle cross mani. I built this one around the pink O.P.I. polish, and I knew I wanted to use gold as an accent color. So I picked a couple more colors and tried to make something nice. And I think I somewhat succeeded.

Cross nailsCross nail art

I don't usually use striping tape itself as decoration because I struggle so much with it, but with this mani I felt like I could take a little chance and try out making little crosses out of it. I think this one came out quite nicely. Hope you do too.

studded nails

The polishes used for this design are Sinful Colors Snow Me White, O.P.I. Pinking Of You and China Glaze Wood You Wanna? The striping tape and studs are both from Born Pretty Store.

Mix n match nails

What do you think about these designs? Let me know in the comments below!

That's all I have for you today, I hope you enjoyed this post and that you will enjoy the ones coming soon. If you want to see more from me, follow me on Instagram where I post all sorts of stuff daily. Also, if you happen to have requests for future posts, leave those in the comments for me to see. I'll be back as soon as I can, but take care until that my loves!

Have a fantastic weekend ♥


  1. They both look so beautiful. I love the first set with the glittery accent nail.

  2. Ooo! Love the pink ones!

    Isobel x

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