China Glaze Autumn Haul 2017

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It's been roughly a week since the last post, and I've had a ton of things going on offline so few days of blogging silence was much needed. Most importantly, I got allergy tests done, and can finally find out what really causes my occasional reactions and also if there's anything stopping me getting a pet in the future. The results were quite what I expected so far, but I need confirmed results from my doctor. But what I am excited about is that I didn't get a reaction to dog so my dream of getting one someday lives on. 

Today I really want to talk a little bit about nail polishes I purchased this autumn.

China glaze 2017 fall colors

My haul naturally includes solely China Glaze polishes, because they are affordable and there are so many nice shades to choose from. Someday I will probably also invest on some nice indie(ish) brands, but I need to do my research before that so that I know I'm buying at least 3-free but also cruelty free. I'm trying my best on not to buy beauty and nail products that are tested on animals because it makes my heart heavy to think my looks are an end-product of testing on bunnies or something. Not that I will ever judge you if you use brands I wouldn't, it's not my place.

china glaze cools

The first four shades I got are (from left to right): Baroque Jungle, Born To Rule, Simply-Fa-Blue-Less and Dawn Of The New Reign.

china glaze swatches cool tones

And here are the swatches for them. As you can see, Baroque Jungle is a lovely emerald green with slight shimmer to it. I feel it's perfect for autumn but also for the coming holiday season. Born to rule is nice, bright blue with shiny finish - no shimmer in it, it's just a regular polish. Simply Fa-Blue-Less is a royal blue, bright as well but just a bit darker shade of blue than the previous. And lastly, Dawn Of The New Reign is a beautiful plumish purple, but not matte as you see here, I had a layer of matte top coat I was trying out on top. It has a shiny finish on it's own.

china glaze reds

The next four are (again, from left to right): Glamcore, Royal Pain In The Ascot, Rock N' Royale and Flame-Boyant.

china glaze swatches red

And their swatches starting with Flame-Boyant, which is super bright red with a bit of orange to it. It has a sort of satin finish to it, but it also looks really bomb with glossy top coat. Second is Rock N' Royale, which is an oxblood kind of red with shiny finish. It's such a lovely autumn shade - although I would wear it all year long. Below that is Royal Pain In The Ascot, which is wine red comparable to China Glaze's Wine Down For What - except this one has shimmer in it. Absolutely gorgeous autumn and winter shade, but also classy throughout the year. Lastly we have Glamcore, which is super dark purple (nearly black) with plum sort of shimmer to it. The shimmer doesn't show too much in every lighting, so this one nearly doubles as a black in real life. But I do wonder how cool it would look with a matte top coat.

China glaze golds

Last four are called: High Standards, Truth Is Gold, Haute & Heavy and Street Style Princess.

china glaze swatches gold

And their swatches as well. The first one is Street Style Princess, which is a nice light grey color. Very nice neutral shade if you're more into the cooler tones. The second is Haute & Heavy, which is similar kind of shade than Glamcore, except in grey/silver tone. This one looks even more black in real life, but the shimmer gives a nice touch to it. Then there is Truth Is Gold, which is very warm gold shade. It is super similar to the High standards below it, which is only a bit cooler in tone. In all honesty, you don't need both. They dupe each other enough. But I have a thing for shiny things so I'm excited to have both. 

What kind of polishes have you guys bought lately? Let me know in the comments!

That's all I have for you today, but I will be back with more posts soon. I'm having quite many beauty related posts planned out for you, and hopefully I can also create them as I've imagined them in my head. So stay tuned for more, and in the meantime follow me on Instagram @silvertigo for daily outfits, nearly daily makeup looks and other fun stuff. I'm also planning on updating my feed there a bit but that requires a new, better camera which hopefully will be here soon.
Have a lovely day babes ♥


  1. They are pretty but I love the most Dawn Of The New Reign and Baroque Jungle.


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