Perfect Fall Outfit Lookbook

I know it's nearly December and the title really doesn't fit the time, but on the other hand, the weather in Finland is quite fall-like still so this is kind of relative post. And if all else fails, this can work as an inspo for the next year, right? Today, I'm showing you some perfect fall looks that can be easily transformed to fit most girls' styles. I'm focusing mostly on things I like in fall styles, which are:

- Nice boots/booties
- Plaid
- Warm scarves
- Layers 
- Rock chic edge

Keeping that in mind, I created three different outfits - all of which serving a bit different weather. I know most of my audience comes more or less from North America, so I tried to create a lookbook that would give inspiration to everyone, not depending on what kind of climate you live in. Here in Finland the weather changes from very warm early fall into super cold, nearly winter-like late fall around this time. But it can literally have anything in between during the whole fall - or even in one day, so I also need to know how to dress in different weather situations.

streetstyle autumn
fall shorts outfitfall outfit

Kitty cap: Fiorella (black is sold out, but you can find it in other cute colors here) Sweatshirt: Gina Tricot (old shirt, but similar vibes can be found here) Plaid shirt: H&M Men (quite the same style here) Faux leather shorts: H&M (alternative for example here) Socks: Fiorella Shoes: Skobox Porvoo (but for example Nordstrom has great alternatives)

The first look is built around the plaid shirt. I absolutely love plaid shirts and if you follow me on Instagram you know I wear them quite often. I even wore one for my friend's bachelorette party last weekend since we were having a casual party. I really love the combination of tall socks and plaid on the waist, it somehow to me makes the look very streetstyle-ish. This  look can be interpreted in so many different ways by changing the sweatshirt into a cute knit, changing the hat, removing the socks etc. Also changing jewelry would do a lot to this look. 

Rock chic lookMaxi skirt outfitLeather jacket with maxi skirt

Hat: Gina Tricot (similar can be found from Forever21) Faux leather jacket: H&M (secondhand from my cousin) Skull scarf: Gina Tricot (mine is old but same kind of styles can be found  for example from Alexander McQueen) Tee: Cubus (secondhand) Skirt: Boohoo (same vibes from this Boohoo skirt) Shoes: Jeffrey Campbell (spiked ones seem hard to find as new, but there are quite many in Poshmark)

The second look is more feminine than the first one. Adding a tall skirt to any look makes it instantly more chic, and also creates a look that would be easy to transform from day look to a night look with minimal changes. The combination of leather jacket and a feminine skirt has a special place in my heart, and I definitely have to wear that more the coming spring. More depth to this look can be brought by adding a faux fur vest or maybe by wearing a big plaid scarf as a vest with a belt.

Layered outfitAutumn layersLayered fall outfit

Beanie: Pull & Bear Scarf: Gina Tricot (mine is a couple of years old but same kind of styles can be found for example on Etsy) Shoes: Boohoo Coat: secondhand Denim shirt: Lee Cooper (years old but quite similar can be found on Asos) Jeans: M.A.S.I. Company (style Suzie skinny, quite similar pair here) Knit: H&M (secondhand)

The last look is more suited to a cold winter, much like what we have in Finland. Layering is an absolute must when it's very cold in the mornings, not that cold in the afternoons and you work indoors like myself. An outfit like this will keep you warm even in the middle of winter, but of course having lighter pieces as layers will make the whole outfit lighter for former weather.

I was challenged to do this post by AUrate, and since they have such a great cause behind them, I felt good about doing a collaboration post. AUrate has amazing gold jewelry with stylish, minimalistic designs that fit many different styles. I was first hesitant about this post because I thought gold jewelry wouldn't really meet my style, but some of the pieces do have enough edge to them to compliment a rock chic style beautifully. I'm especially fond of their minimalistic earrings (click the link to see more), my favorite being the Tribal Ear Jacket here.

AUrate is in partnership with Mastery charter, and together they help developing the literacy of the students in New York. As an old bookworm and a fan of writing and reading in general, any cause that helps young people read is quite close to my heart. I love that buying a luxurious item like any of the jewelry they sell makes a good impact in the world. What is also wonderful is the business model, that cuts out the middle men, making the pieces more affordable while still preserving the quality of the items. They are also very clear about using ethical materials for their products, which in my opinion should be the norm more often than not. I really encourage you to check out AUrate if you are looking to buy any luxury pieces this Holiday season.

What is your perfect fall outfit like? Let me know in the comments below!

In the next post I will be talking about my current favorite lipsticks, so stay tuned for that. And in the meantime, you can follow me on Instagram for more style-related content and more. See you in my next post!

Have a fabulous day ♥

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