Pics From Christmas

It's been a couple of weeks since I last blogged, and while I had nice posts planned, also life happened and I had to focus on living offline instead of prioritizing all the posts. I'm sorry if that let anyone down. But also, what you don't know is that I spent this Christmas with a new boyfriend, new extended family and got sick just before Christmas so there has been a lot going on. I'm sure next year will be more chill, so I added the planned posts to next holiday season's agenda and will probably prepare them well ahead.

To summarize our Christmas, I'm sharing some pictures of it today. It's not a super long post - those kinds will follow next month - but I thought this was least I could do since I kind of disappeared just before Christmas.


At Christmas time, I love to eat well. So we made all kinds of Christmas treats and there are still some left. For some of these I try to have recipes up next December. Below you can see more food we made, and obviously I didn't even take photos of all the foods we had.

christmas foodcandle

I got this candle from my grandmother and it was used a lot this year already. I think I might save the rest for next year since it feels kind of wrong to burn it outside Christmas time.

foxchristmas tree

I really liked the tree this year as well, especially after getting a fox light under it.


And even more so when there was two foxes. I still can't get enough of the foxes and it will be tough to put them away to wait for the next holiday season.


We also got a couple of Christmas flowers, one of which I managed to kill before Christmas. Can you guess which one? (Other can be seen below.) I'm such an anti-green thumb and can't keep most plants alive no matter how hard I try.


As for the gifts, I will only show few. I got quite a lot of things, and many might be seen on the blog t some point. But I didn't feel like doing one of those "what I got for Christmas" posts. I loved this set of Lush products I got from one of my besties, as well as the items below.


My absolute favorite is the Eevee stuffie there. It's almost like getting a pet for Christmas.

That's all I have today, I will still post a bucket list for next year, and maybe some New Year's Eve related post, but mostly I'm done for the year as far as blogging goes. I'm so thankful to see the posts getting views, comments and such after having such a long break before Halloween. I'll probably be talking a tiny bit about everything that's been happening behind the scenes during next year when the time is right, but moreover I will focus on creating content that makes me happy and making this little blog grow into something I can be even more proud of. If you have any suggestions or wishes for the coming year, let me know those in the comments. I'll see you all in the next post, and in the meantime don't forget to follow me on Instagram (@silvertigo) for daily content including outfits and more.

Have a wonderful last week of the year ♥

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