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2018. New year, new goals, fresh start. Personally I'm so excited to start a fresh new year because 2017 was no doubt the hardest I've faced so far with difficult breakup and other life changes. But as I swore yesterday with my boyfriend, this year will be better. It'll be our year. And if you read the last post of 2017, I made a bucket list for this year (see it here) to puch myself to live more, do more and feel better. Hopefully along the bucket list also comes nice blog posts.

Today, I'm sharing with you something I bought last year, which also will be helping out to create content. Some nail art stuff from Born Pretty Store.

born pretty store haul

So I ordered a bunch of things around November, and got them in probably 2 or 3 weeks. You all probably know Born Pretty is my go-to nail art supply store and I do enjoy their items on my nails. Usually everything I've ordered has been exactly as desribed, only some nail stamper I once got wasn't that amazing but not every tool is for everyone so I'm not too disappointed about it. This time, I got rhinestones, stamping equipment, studs, foils and decals.

nail art tools

As tools and such, I got a stamping scraper, two stamping polishes, clear stamper, nail foil glue and a thin brush for cuticle cleanup. I already tried the stamping tools for my nails and my mom's nails, and we both think they work very well. The clear stamper is very helpful in stamping because you can see what you are doing. I'm considering investing in the "real deal" tranparent stamper this year because I am so impressed by this affordable alternative. Also the foil glue does it job very nicely, I used it for my blue snowflake nails (here) as well as for the NYE nails I still have on as we speak.

nail decals

For quick nail art, I got some decals in all sorts of tribal-inspired prints as well as floral ones.

nail studs

For glamming the nails, I got different kinds of bling. There's rosegold, gold, rhinestones and metallic studs. These are all great for adding "a little something" to the nail art easily. I haven't had the chance to try these yet, but during this year I definitely will.

holo foils

I also got some foil decals (or whatever these are called), as well as some other foils you can see below. I saw a foil video on YouTube - by Cutepolish if I'm correct, where there was a lot of info on how to use foils and make the most out of them. And that inspired me to get into foil techniques this year since I want to challenge myself further with nails. These ones here again have tribal-inspired prints which I love a lot.

foil patterns

The other pack of foil patterns has a variety of things in it, like space patterns, cute animals and flames etc. I don't know they are all my cup of tea but we'll try.

nail foils

Of course I also had to get more traditional foils to try out, and this pack had a fun gradient foil I used for the New Year nails. It worked so well with the foil glue and I could maybe plan a little video to show that in action once I figure out a filming spot for myself.

nail stickers

Then there are these duochrome stickers, and I'm not too sure how to work them but I literally bought them out of the love for the colors so... I'll figure out a use for them during this year.

stamping plates

Since I want to better my stamping techniques as well, I thought gettting a few fresh plates would help out. I got three big ones and one small. Below you can see the patterns these have:

floral stamping plate

First one has floral patterns and will serve perfectly for summer and festival nails in my opinion. I haven't tried this on yet but it seems very nice.

geometric stamping plate

The second one has geometric prints with some tribal vibes, perfect for any graphic mani. Also haven't tried this one but can't wait to do it really soon.

pattern stamping plate

The third big plate has fun "basic" patterns like plaid, houndstooth, leopard, chevron etc. This is the most versatile out of the three I think, and I also like the little stamps on the bottom. I have tried this one, the snowflake prints work like a dream and the plaid is also amazing although I need to work on getting such large stamps straight on the nails. The one time I've tried the plaid it got kinda wavy on the nails because I didn't know how to work it - but I liked it nevertheless.

round stamping plate

Lastly there's a tiny plate that came with a stamping set I got (it had the stamping polishes in it which is why I bought it, not so much the plate). It has kind of cute floral patterns in it but I doubt that I will use this much because these prints aren't that much my style.

What do you think about this little haul? And, have you done any hauls recently? Let me know in the comments below!

That's it for the first post of 2018. It feels so strange that it's the new year already but on the other hand there are so many things in store for this year which I'm happy to share with you once they happen. I'll probably blog again at the end of the week unless I surprisingly have more time in my hands, but in the meantime you can follow me on Instagram (@silvertigo), where I post beauty and style related things daily.

Have a lovely year 2018 babes ♥

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  1. Everything looks so pretty.Looks like you can make some great nail art from everything.


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