Rocking Plaid

Friday. Who else is glad it's weekend again? I sure am, and I'm happy to get to spend some time with my boyfriend's family - especially his sister, who is visiting us for tonight and tomorrow. As a person who doesn't have siblings, I value having other relatives whether they're mine or my boyfriend's.We have some nice casual plans for the day and I'm positive we'll have such a good time.

Also a thing I'm happy about today is posting another outfit post.

metal girl summer outfit
Last weekend, we had again awesome weather but this time also a minute to go and take few pictures of my outfit I was loving to wear the whole weekend. (Oh yes, I repeat outfits on weekends, hence not always posting outfits on both Saturday and Sunday on Insta.)

eagle necklaceplaid skirt outfit 
Top: Sweet Mayhem Skirt: SpiritStore Biking shorts with lace: Gina Tricot Booties: Dinsko(?) Necklace: H&M Bracelets: H&M, Europehouse, Gina Tricot

My posing is still awkward as ever but beyond that, I really like the things in this outfit. The crop top is super comfy in this hot weather, and the skirt is a favorite for years now. The shoes are comfy and going together with the rock style, and I also really love the accessories (which you have probably seen often if you've been here for years).

rock style braceletsrock chic summer outfitheeled bootiespurple ombre hair 
We tried to take somewhat aesthetic pic here with some ponytail grabbing and all but as you see, my short back is not that trained and I still struggle with posing so it ain't as perfect as I'd like. But I figured posting this would motivate me to get better in multiple ways - but also hopefully it would show young girls out there that not every instagrammer/blogger out there is thin as a twig or takes just perfect pics all the time. (Perfect as society and fashion industry might define, in reality nothing is perfect, not even those seemingly perfect shots.) 

What do you think about this outfit? And what outfit are you rocking today? Let me know in the comments!

In the next post I'll talk about nail polishes I'm super excited about. It's one of the best collections in a while, and you may have seen me play with them in case you follow my main account (@jolagerroos) or nail account (@jolagerroosnails) on Insta - and if you don't already, now is as good time as ever to follow! I'll see you lovelies in the next one.

Have a lovely weekend ♥

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