China Glaze FW'18 Ready To Wear

I know I did a little China Glaze haul just a little while ago, but since I ordered few fall polishes the same time as the OMG! collection, I thought I'd share them with you as well. China Glaze's fall collection is called FW'18 Ready To Wear, and it seems to draw inspiration from NYC Fashion Week if the names are anything to go by. I picked up three shades as of now, but am considering a couple of more later on.

Fall nail polishes china glaze
The three shades I picked up are Central Parka (olive green creme), Vest Friends (green and silver metallic kind of polish) and Throwing Suede (nude-ish baby pink). I thought the greens add nucely to my collection, and the pink is something you can never have too many of.

China Glaze fall 2018 
I tried to do a nice quick swatch for you here of all the colors, so you could see the finishes of the polishes (without top coat). But, since some of you probably want an example of how to work these polishes together, I created a design just for this post.
 fall manicure 
Using Central Parka as a main base, and adding couple of accent nails with Vest Friends.

olive green and pink nailsheart nails
I also painted little hearts on the metallic nails with Throwing Suede. Easy way to freehand heart design is to take a dotting tool for placing two dots next to each other creating the upper part of the heart, and then connecting them below with a triangle shape, filling also any gaps in the polish. This works especially well when you do tiny hearts, since dotting tools don't usually have that big of tips.

Finally I added rhinestones I've bought from Born Pretty Store.

China Glaze fall 2018 polishesgreen nails
I actually really enjoyed this mani, and the color combo I wouldn't necessarily usually go to. But sometimes it's good to go out of your comfort zone and play with unusual colors. I also think that in the future when I get new polishes, I will also incorporate either couple of swatches on my real nails or alternatively a design with two or more new colors I've gotten. I think that will make the polish hauls more interesting for you and also for me. 

What do you think about this mani? And, what colors do you like to wear on your nails in fall/autumn? Let me know in the comments!

That's all for today's post, but I'll be back in couple of days with another post. This week is actually my last work week before the summer holiday, and I'm pumped to have some time to rest - but also work a little on my thesis so I would graduate after all these years. I have hopes that I could start working on my Halloween posts already little by little, because now I would have the time to prep them well instead of noticing it's October and rushing through them. I want to make something I can be very proud of in the long run as well, and something that would inspire you and/or entertain you. In addition, be prepared for cat spamming starting in three weeks when my little fur baby comes home. I will introduce him as well as talk about foster adopting from my point of view once the cat is settled. Meaning that September will contain quite a bit of kitty content. Hope you won't mind!
Have a lovely week ♥

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