Blogoween: Elize Ryd for a day + HELIX by Amaranthe is out now!

Fun story: When I originally planned to do this look, it was purely for the fangirling and love for Elize. While I am a hardcore fan of Amaranthe and they are my ride or die band, I don't have any more inside knowledge about anything the band does unless it's officially announced in socials. But, I had in early August planned this post for the 19th of October, and then 10th 0f August rolled around and the band announced their new album Helix being released on the same day. I immediately got chills and knew this was more or less meant to be. Also I'll sneak in an album first impression and a link to the music video of "365" from the same album in case you haven't seen it before. Another cool coincidence from that day was the said music video launching the minute my summer holiday started AND they announced gigs in Finland.

Long story short, Elize and the whole Amaranthe band just know how to rock my world constantly.

elize ryd look

This look is inspired by what Elize has worn on stage in both black and white (her stage look I refer to is from a Swedish clothing store Dennis Maglic if I remember correctly). I put my outfit together from bodysuit from Zadaa, fringe belt from Etsy, fishnets that have been in my closet for years - I'm due to buy new ones for next spring though, and tall boots I bought couple of years ago.

metal girl costumemetal girl look

Now, before anyone goes into the comments raging about how I don't look like Elize/I will never be as awesome as her - this is purely in admiration of her style, not me actually trying to be her. I like portraying more or less strong female characters every Halloween time here on the blog and this is in my head a natural continuation to that.

metal head

The makeup look was simple as she doesn't wear too complicated makeup looks, but rather ones that compliment her natural beauty. So I did something along those lines, but as my facial features are much different than hers (and I'm not that amazing in IRL transformation as of now) so I don't look like a carbon copy. Also, the hair would be a ton better if I had a lace front wig. But self-critique aside, I do still like how this look turned out. And I will definitely learn more about the transformation makeup later on so I could maybe do a series about celebrity transformations or something next year - would you be down for that?

metal girl
rock chick

Below a couple of pics of me feeling the look and having fun with it - laughing is totally allowed if you think I'm being ridiculous, I don't mind! But also, I do recommend every single one of you to dress up as your favorite inspiring person/character at least once, having some fun with it and maybe even take a few pics. It's uplifting and empowering.

rock on

Now, like I said, Amaranthe released the album "Helix" today. I'll be picking up my copy this weekend, but I've listened to the whole album many times already as it is available on streaming services such as Spotify (so go give the whole thing a listen). I had high hopes for this album since the three singles have been quite awesome - especially Inferno, which will be added to my list of power songs. The fact that the whole album has been written in a quite short time, a couple of months if I remember correctly at all, is mindblowing to me because the album still doesn't sound rushed, but instead very put together. I can't give you a detailed in-depth review at this point, as I should have all the lyrics in hand for that, but after 4 runs through this album, I feel like this compliments the whole band's talent well, and I hear so much live-play potential in all the songs. I felt like the songs had some influence from the past decades (although some have definite vibes together with newer pop songs), which Elize conformed in an interview I listened to after hearing the songs for the first time.

If you're interested in checking out new Amaranthe songs, you can start out with 365, Countdown or Inferno. (Click the song names for the videos!)

rock outfitelize ryd inspired outfit

Lastly, a bit more of a closeup of the outfit. The fishnets are an abomination but try to look past that.

Are you an Amarathe fan? If so, what do you think about the new album? Let me know in the comments!

In case you got interested in Amaranthe/Elize Ryd through this post, I would recommend checking this interview with her. It showcases how articulate she is, as well as how passionate she is to talk about certain subjects. Tomorrow, we can continue the glam theme by some glittery nail designs so stay tuned for that! For more content, follow me on Instagram @silvertigo. I'll see you in the next one!

Have a wonderful day ♥

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