End of the Year Declutter: Clothes

Since starting to look more into sustainable lifestyle and all that this year, I've come across minimalism. Most of you probably know what it is; having only the stuff you need and love instead of having tons of stuff that just lays unused around the house. I have been raised mostly on a mindset that buying too much is bad, but also my parents have a bit of "keep a spare, you might need it" attitude. (Sorry mom, but we both know this has been true, although now you are good at getting rid off unnecessary stuff.) And I am an only child, so that comes with people giving me quite a bit of things when I was a kid as there was not another sibling wanting the same as well. So not that I was super spoiled, but some might still say I was. I did have a lot of stuff, and also got a lot of secondhand clothes from an older cousin. All of which has led to adulthood, where I'm used to having quite a lot of stuff.

So lately, since I'm interested in changing my shopping behavior, I'm also curious to re-evaluate the things I own currently. The idea of only owning things I love sounds very appealing to me, especially with clothes. But also with everything in my home. The older I get, the more I treasure my home and want to make it a place where I love absolutely everything. (And of course in some cases you need to have a handful of things that are more those you need than things you absolutely love, but I'd like to keep those to a minimum.)

One rule I try to have for my closet is "style over trends". I'm old enough to know what I love without advertisers/fashion shows/trendsetters/clothing shops to tell me what I should be loving right now. I also watched "The True Cost" on Netflix and got a bit disgusted by the way "cheap" fast fashion is created and marketed, and then on have watched some YouTube talks around the subject, both leading to me to think more about my shopping habits. It has made me stop checking all the web shops I used to, and instead, looking into my own closet and finding out which items really speak to me. And also, for inspiration on how to style the pieces, I check Instagrams of the ladies that inspire me with their style as well as googling some ladies with amazing styles.

Keeping those in mind, I decluttered my clothes and decided to try to go through more or less everything I own, so I could start the Holiday season and the new year without unnecessary clutter.

Below, some pics of my organization/declutter. I've done quite a bit of the declutter when we moved and I do love having a lot of choices, so this part of my life won't get too minimalistic too soon. But I figured some before/after pics would be cool still.

wardrobe declutterdecluttering closet

Like you can see, I've been a messy person. At least when it comes to my closets and such. I'm not proud of it, but I thought sharing this with you might spark something within some of you and maybe get you to declutter as well. (Erika, Lizzie, you might remember me mentioning I was doing this earlier this week!) In some item groups, I do have excessive amounts of stuff, I admit that, and I'm aware of that. But to be honest, in those certain groups I can't just make the amount that much smaller at this point, however next year I might make progress on that as well.

decluttering clothesCloset declutterClothes declutter

And for anyone wondering why I let my underwear show here: I don't really mind. We all - well, at least most of us - wear some, so I can't be bothered if someone sees any piece of clothing I own.

decluttering jewelryjewelry organized

In jewelry, you probably can't see such a big difference as there wasn't that much I had to get rid off right now. Although undoubtedly I will be giving away/discarding some of them due me not using them enough/at all.

Now, this may still seem like an excessive amount of clothes and accessories to some, but mind you, I still love experimenting with my style and having different options in my closet. For me, creating looks is a form of expression, so I'm not down on too little options. But remember, minimalism is about what makes you happy, and creating outfit inspiration for myself and hopefully others does that for me. But then, I don't need for example a massive amount of haircare products or workout gear, because I do fine with less. I do have a long way to really be a minimalist, but this is a start.

I also found a minimalism challenge to do this month, to help out with the declutter and mindset. If you feel like it's something you'd like to try out - at least parts of it - you can click the link here and find it.

And the last thing to mention is that this declutter series is divided by the Konmari idealism. So the parts will be Clothes, Books, Papers, Komono (Miscellaneous) and Memorabilia. I won't be following any exact guide, and even though I appreciate the Konmari and minimalism as views, I don't think an adult should need another adult to tell them how to organize their home and life. If it doesn't come within you, it's not efficient in the long run.

Are you planning any declutters soon? Let me know in the comments!

That's all for today, and in the next post, I'll share some new items I got from one of my favorite stores - which I now can justify as I have gotten things out of my closet. I've also planned a couple of autumn nails for this month, and we'll dive into my hair care routine and more during November. So stay tuned for more and check out my Instagram if you're in need of outfit inspiration (I'm @silvertigo). I'll see you in my next post!

Have a lovely weekend ♥

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