Sweet Mayhem Autumn/Winter Pieces

This post may seem strange after I just posted a closet declutter, but hear me out. I ordered these items before I decided on getting rid of stuff, but they took a while to get to me. Since I do love and support this company, so I figured I would share this small haul with you.

baseball top sweet mayhem
If you didn't gather it already, the company I'm talking about today is Sweet Mayhem. They sell the cutest pieces, and I love checking them out for new pieces every now and then. They're a small company from US, founded by a blogger that you can find on Instagram as @skullsndaisies (who has an amazing style, so you should check her out!). As they are a small business, they don't have a huge stock, and so far, not the biggest selection in sizes, but if you are somwhat average in size, like me, you can definitely find cute pieces from them. I wear normally a size small, but with Sweet Mayhem I've sized up to medium just in case, and so far that has given me the perfect sizes. (And no, this is not a sponsored post even though it may seem like it, I just really enjoy their clothes!)

Now, about the new pieces. Above you can see a baseball top (similar in mauve can be preordered here) in a lovely grey/white color scheme. It's very soft, and the size is nice. The white is a bit sheer, but as it's only on the sleeves, it doesn't bother me too much. It's a cool basic tee with long sleeves.      

off the shoulder top sweet mayhem

Next is this black off-shoulder top. I usually stay away from these because I feel my shoulders are a little broad and this would make it visually worse, but I actually love it a lot. I think it will look amazing with high-waist pieces and rock accessories. The top is currently sold out, but you can keep tabs here and see when it maybe comes back in stock.

Oh, and the leggings I wear for this try-on are also from Sweet Mayhem! I couldn't find them on the site now, but they carry many other leggings and they are all super soft!

shop sweet mayhem sweatershop sweet mayhem knit

Next item is reversible knit, which you can wear two ways, depending on your mood. It has a lace-up detail which doesn't show well here, but I promise you it's there. This sweater can be preordered here, and they have it in other colors as well.

I was actually originally getting this in blush color, but it so happened that my order got lost somewhere. I got the tracking number but the order seemed like it never left the warehouse. I asked about it from the customer Service after three weeks or so, but no one could locate it. However, they were nice enough to send my order again, and aat that point they were out of the blush ones. They asked me whether I'd like to wait for the blush color to be restocked or to find another color. So I chose black because that's just as good for me and to be honest I was quite impatient at that point, haha. I did get compensated for the inconvenience so I'm not mad about it. The thing here is, the company is small, only three years old, and international shipping is sometimes a hassle and then some. They handled the situation decently, and I rather take a little waiting than put the same money into a huge fast fashion site. But also I want to be honest with my story about this experience, sometimes when you order internationally (or even within your home country), things don't necessarily always go right the first time. And that's just life.

sweet mayhem shirt

Another sweater in black, this one with zipper details seemed so fun that I needed to get it. I also like the choker detail on the neckline! You can find yours here, they're currently available for re-stock preorders (I think they have different colors available as well!). The zippers on the elbows actually work, so you can show some skin or a sleeve from underneath.

sweet mayhem sweater

Last but not least, a grey lace-up sweater you might have seen already on my Instagram. I wore this on the weekend and also wore this to work today as well, and it is super soft and comfy, and I love how it's so oversized for me! Baggy sweaters with leggings is the best thing to wear on autumn in my opinion. You can order yours here, and I think these come in some different colors as well if grey is not your thing.

Below, I wore the sweater backwards just to see if that would work too. It's maybe not as cool as the one meant to be reversible, but it kind of still works.  

sweet mayhem knit

What do you think about these pieces? Let me know in the comments!

That's all for today, and in the next post we will dive into my current haircare routine - since the Holiday season is right around the corner and some of us may need to adjust our routine for that gorgeous party hair. In case you would like me to do inspiration posts for Holiday makeup, nails or outfits, please let me know so I can plan those out for you! For everyday outfit inspiration, you can check out my Instagram @jolagerroos, where I post my everyday looks and more. I'll see you all in my next post!

Have a wonderful week ♥

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