1 Item, 5 Ways - High-Waist Jeans

This year, I'm going back to my blogging roots a bit, because what made me start blogging originally was wanting to share my outfits and some thoughts along them. And, one of the blogs I used to love a ton back in the day was J's Everyday Fashion.  She was one of the first ones I followed, and I feel like the collages she did with different looks with one item way back when were a thing that inspired me to start blogging as well. (Click here for an example!)

What I'm trying to accomplish with this series is mostly personal. I'm encouraging myself to play with my items more and show myself I actually need so much less than I still have. This series should spark my styling creativity, and inspire me to declutter the closet even more so that I wouldn't have too many doubles of things. For you, I hope this series tells that sometimes the place to shop is actually your own closet, and that even though media tells you that you need to buy the latest trends and all the new clothes to be happy and look good, that's really not the case.

outfit pic
The first style is such a basic look for me. Cardigan over a tee and jeans. I know it's nothing very exciting, but it's a good everyday look. This is here mostly to show my least creative version of the a look with high-waist jeans. I promise, these get better as we go! And of course this can look very different when you change the tee or the cardigan or have a light pair or jeans. Also shoe choice can to a lot for such a simple look, my choice here isn't the cutest, but we had a snow storm on Monday so I was more about staying warm than looking cutest.

photobombing cat

high waist jeans look

The second look was a classic button-up collared shirt with a twist. I had a bralet peeking from under and tucked the shirt in with a belt - and added cute booties to finish the outfit. Also I think the red lips look so amazing with this outfit, a classic little detail.

collared shirt

high waist jeans with body

The third look is also an office outfit with a twist. I combined the jeans with a lace bodysuit, striped blazer, tall boots and some accessories. I loved this one a lot, and even my boyfriend called this look fancy. Which of course made me like this one even more. That bodysuit is one of the best purchases I've done in the Zadaa app - which has second-hand clothes and more.

office look

high waist jeans

The next look was quite cozy with a fluffy knit and Dr. Martens. I also think that the pink and girly top and masculine boots create a fun contrast, which makes the outfit a bit more interesting than it might otherwise be. And I'm super proud that the top is made by me! I haven't knitted a top in ages, so this was quite special. If I would want this to be very girly, I would switch the shoes to tall boots with heels, and wear girly makeup with a lippie that matches to the top.

As you may see, our cat wanted to help with the photos again, haha.

knitted top

how to style high waist jeans

The last style is also a simple one, with a plaid shirt and Dr. Martens. Ideally, I would've had this look with heeled boots, but due to slippery weather I chose something I'm better at walking in. This outfit is actually from today, whenI'm posting this article. I was meaning to post this yesterday, but was feeling ill the whole day so couldn't bother getting ready for two photos. However today I managed to carry myself to work and this is definitely something I wear to work every now and then.

plaid shirt look

What do you think about these looks? And, which one is your favorite? Let me know in the comments!

That's the start for this series. I hope you enjoyed it, and I try to bring you another one either at the end of this month or at the first week of February. I don't have the time to do this weekly, and some of the items I've planned aren't the best to style in the middle of the winter so I can stretch the series well into the spring. (Oh, and some of the styles may overlap enough so that I might use the same look in a couple of posts, so don't be alarmed by that, it's what's supposed to happen!) If you have an item you'd like to see in the series, let me know and I will try my best to make that happen. For more style content, I yet again recommend you to follow my Instagram (@silvertigo), where I share my daily outfits and more. I'll see you all in my next post!

Have a lovely day ♥


  1. Näistä ehdoton lemppari on tuo vika — jostain syystä kun olen viimeaikoina ollut kovin rakastunut kaikkiin flanellipaitojen tyylisiin paitoihin <3

    1. Flanelli- ja ruutupaidat on kans oma kestosuosikki, ne kun mukavasti menee niin rokkityyliin kuin sitten vähän klassisempaan silloin kun tilanne sellaista vaatii :) ♥


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