DIY T-shirt Dress

A while back Amaranthe opened their Europe-wide merch store, and naturally I had to go and place an order. The thing was though, that the shirt I wanted only had men's XL sizes left then. But, as I have my crafting background, I figured I could buy the tee and just craft it into something that fits. And I feel it makes a cool little blog post as well.

diy band tee dress

Below, you can see how the shirt originally looked. I love the print because "Inferno" is one of my favorite songs from the latest Amaranthe album. The lyrics just are so bomb. Therefore I had to get the tee even if the size was off.

amaranthe inferno band shirtamaranthe inferno teeoversized band tee

As you can see, the men's XL looks very boxy on me and it's basically a dress as it is. However so that I will ever wear this, little bit of shape was in order. So that's what I did.

amaranthe tee reconstruction

First I thought I'd make the shoulder area a bit more flattering, and actually cut off pieces from the shoulders to make the dress cold shoulder/off shoulder one. YouTube has tutorials for this in case you want to try this but are afraid of ruining the shirt in the progress.


Next, I used a dress I have for measurements, taking into account that the fabrics are very different - the dress is very stretchy, whereas the tee is more firm. So I made sure to make mine a bit bigger so that it would still fit me.


Then I marked my measurements with pins and sewed away. I have overlocker kind of sewing machine, which cuts the edges so I didn't have to, but in case you use a regular sewing machine, you may want to cut the excess off at this point. 

After these steps, the dress looks as follows:

how to make a tee shirt dressdiy tee shirt dressband tee dress

I like the end result a lot, and this will totally be one of my outfit options for the next Ama gig I go to! Although to be perfectly honest, next time will be in few weeks and it might be a bit too cold for this then. But you'll see this on me for sure during the spring and summer!

How do you think I did on upcycling the oversized tee? Let me know in the comments!

That's all for today, I was planning on posting this on yesterday but to be honest didn't have the time to take out the sewing machine. But I pushed myself to get this out today, and I'm so happy that I did. The next post will also be style related, but I'm not exactly sure which one I will post next. Stay tuned to find out and maybe also follow me on Instagram where I post daily outfits and more. I'll see you in the next post!

Have a wonderful day ♥

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