China Glaze Mini Haul

Who loves seeing nail polish haul for inspiration? Because I actually do. If you don't, I'm sorry, you can skip this one and come back once I'm talking about more interesting things. But I got these colors recently and am so hyped about them that I really want to share them with you.

Because you know, I am a nail polish addict.

China Glaze polishes
Here you can see the colors I got, it's probably a random collection of things because I usually shop from many collections at once rather than buying the whole collections each time. Below, you'll see the shade names and some sort of swatches for each - but for better swatches I recommend visiting blogs focusing solely on nails. I rarely wear only one shade since I like to play with my designs, and I don't like wasting product which swatching on all my nails would essentially be the way I do things. 

_DSC2812 (Large)

The first shade I got is Mustard The Courage. As the name tells, it's a mustard color, it has a shiny finish and it would be the perfect autumn shade but since I'm all about wearing what you want whenever, I wore this in February. 

_DSC2813 (Large)

The next shade is Wicked Liquid from last year's Halloween collection. The metallic sheen in this goes so well together with the mustard one it's little insane, I wore them in a mani not too long ago and loved them together. Might play with those two again soon. Wicked liquid looks quite dark when the light doesn't hit it, but when it does, the polish goes beautifully golden. I love polishes that have an effect in light, although they're a pain to photograph at times.

_DSC2817 (Large)

Next up is Pret-A-Potion, which is simply clear polish with tiny back glitter. Still not sure how I want to use this one but it's quite unique and I like how it looks. We'll see in the future how it'll go into manis. 

_DSC2820 (Large)

Then there is Night And Slay. It has black glitter and silver holo glitter, and can be layered into somewhat opaque result. But the way I will probably most often wear this is layering it over a dark but shiny polish or maybe even a holo one, to make the holo shine pop the most. The swatch here doesn't tell you much but I think the bottle luckily does. This one is sparkly and shiny for sure.

_DSC2822 (Large)

Next one is this pretty light blue holo called Ma-Holo At Me, which I think I saw praised in the nail blogs and that's why I got it. But also partly because I'm a holosexual, haha. I don't have much to say about this yet as I haven't worn it, but surely I'll use it at some point this spring.

_DSC2825 (Large)

Next one is a bright pink polish called Don't Be Sea Salty. This is a neon pink polish with shimmery specs in it. It dries out matte/velvet, and looks like a gorgeous summer color. I have a serious weakness for Barbie pinks like this, no matter how metal I may be. I'm just excited to have colors in my nails all times.

_DSC2829 (Large)

Continuing with the pink theme, I got Can't Sandal This, which is a coral pink creme polish. It's quite neon, very pretty, and has a shiny finish to it. This one doesn't have any special finish to it, it's just true beautiful creme. But I'm a sucker for the cute pinks. 

_DSC2832 (Large)

Next one in this haul is Tropic Of Conversation. It is a lovely coral too, but it's orangey, and has yellow/gold specs in it to give some nice shimmer. This, like the neon pink before, dries matte/velvet, and it is a color that would be bomb with a bit of tanned skin. Which I won't really get but I love the color nevertheless.

_DSC2835 (Large)

Lastly, I got All Sun & Games, which is a bright neony orange with similar sparkles than the previous polish. And it dries matte/velvet as well. Orange isn't my favorite color in the world, but when it's at least a tad neon, I'm all about it on nails. Also coral shades are so beautiful to me. 

Which of these polishes is your favorite? Let me know in the comments!

That ends the quick rundown of my latest nail polish purchase, which I hope was at least a little interesting for you to read. I don't really like doing that many hauls - also I don't buy that many things - but when it comes to nail polish I just love sharing it all. Don't know what's that about and not apologizing for it. If you're more into style stuff - you're in luck, that's coming later this week - but also you can get your daily fix on my Instagram where I post my daily outfits and more (I'm @silvertigo, for those not familiar with it). I'll see you in my next post!

Have a lovely day ♥

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