Spring Bling Fling with AUrate New York

Happy Saturday my lovelies! Today I'm sharing a post I've been excited to plan for you. This one is put together with a company I've worked before, and I will talk about them more at the end of the post, but if you're here just for the fashion part, it's going to be right here at the start. 

So let's get into it.

dress look
For this post, I wanted to style a cute spring look and then add bling to it with accessories. So I picked this blue dress from my spring capsule wardrobe and built the look around that. I love the bright shade of blue - which is why I actually got a certain blue eyeshadow palette which I will also talk soon about - and thought it would look nice with black and gold. I'm sure I've worn something like this before but I'm not afraid to repeat a look if I really like it. Like this one. 

If you want to wear this but make it little edgier, I think switching to knee high (heeled) boots and leather jacket would do the trick. I might try that soonish.

accessoriesspring outfitshoesspring style

Dress: Boohoo Cardigan: Only Booties: Dinsko Belt: Only(?) Rings: Gina Tricot, secondhand Necklace: AUrate New York

I'm really excited for the weather to get warmer and hopefully being able to wear more dressed and skirts soon. Although to be fair, Finland's weather stays quite cool for quite long. Unfortunately. And the summer is too short. And the winter is so long. 

Is that too depressing? I'm sorry, I've been a tiny bit over the winter lately haha. 

AUrate necklace

Now, the thing I really wanted to talk to today was this necklace from AUrate New York. It's their Obelisk Pendant and I love the simplicity of its design. I'm usually more of a silver girl myself, but I've been dreaming about dainty gold jewelry for the summertime layering. So when I got the chance to make a post about cute jewelry, I was more than happy to do it. In case this piece is something you'd like to get, click here and check it out. This one has real gold in it, I believe the rate of this one is vermeil, so if I know my jewelry that means it's silver but plated with gold, and to US standards that means there's at least 10-karat gold but remember reading on AUrate's site that their rate is up at 14-karat on these pieces. Which is pretty amazing if you ask me.

AUrate itself is an interesting brand to me. It's founded by two women who had a mission of creating a company that limits the middlemen to minimum or none, gathers resources ethically and goes a bit of against the current than how things usually are in the jewelry industry. And I love a rebel, especially rebel with a good intention. They also help local kids by supporting reading programs which to me sounds just perfect as knowing how to read and understanding the things you read are one of the most important things when a young one wants to build their future. You can read more about AUrate in the own website here or in Forbes website here

gold necklace
aurate new york

I have to share with you the experience of getting this piece too because it was actually one of the most luxurious experiences in a while. I don't really shop high-end things that much since I can't justify the big name brand bags and all that, so for me, this might seem fancier than to someone shopping in Louis Vuitton monthly. The shipping only took a couple of days from NYC to my home door, so that was amazing, and then the packaging itself was this cute pink thing with a bow and all.

aurate jewelryaurate necklace

The pink package included the jewelry in the fancy box and this little leather bag, where I think you could store the precious piece. Which I will absolutely use because I don't want this beautiful piece to get ruined. I'm beyond happy to have this one in my collection, and I actually think about decluttering my jewelry a little more so that this one would stand out even more!

What do you think about the outfit and the necklace? Let me know in the comments!

That's it for today's post, I'm heading now to have a little girls' night with a friend and I'm again very excited about it - that's the theme today, I'm just generally excited haha. For more content I encourage you to follow my Instagram @silvertigo, where I post my daily outfits and more! I'll see you here in the blog in my next post soon!

Have a wonderful day ♥

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