Pop of Pink - and thoughts about blogging

It's been longer since the last post than I would've wanted. Last week was a mental rollercoaster for many reasons and I still don't fully feel like myself but I'll get there soon. Today, I wanted to share this little outfit with you and just chit chat a bit. 

rock chic look
Like I said, last week was all sorts of things, I heard good news, bad news, confusing news, got back into working out dyed the hair a new color etc. So the weekend I had planned to use for blog work actually needed to be used for relaxing. So I took time for me, and that seems to have done the trick - things feel a lot better now. 

About this outfit: I really wanted to combine the girly pink top with the not so girly jeans to create a nice contrast to the look. The makeup choice might not be the most complimentary to the outfit here, to be perfectly honest, but... Is it bad that I still like it? 

red lipsripped jeans looklace up shirt

This picture in particular is aesthetically something I'd like to have more on the blog. I will be working on getting better and better pictures for you, as well as learning some editing tricks at the same time. Also, I've been reconsidering the content of the posts a bit and I feel like some changes would make this all more interesting to you. The changes will be implemented little by little, and I really, really hope that will make a difference for your experience here. For the most part, I've been writing the posts more for me than to you, kind of in a diary way, but I'm dreaming to make this platform more into a place where you can actually learn something. 

What that means is that in the future I'm hoping to have more informative, planned posts instead of mostly just writing my thoughts out. While getting to know a writer through their random thoughts can be fun, it probably doesn't give enough added value to the readers.

casual office look

Lace up top: H&M White top: Shop Sweet Mayhem Belt: secondhand Jeans: Zadaa/secondhand Shoes: Citymarket Bracelets: Gina Tricot

You might have noticed on Instagram but that belt truly finds its way to most of my outfits as of lately. I love the way it looks on outfits, but I do have to get some other similar one to alternate a bit so that this one won't wear out too soon. If you have recommendations for places with cool accessories, please share them in the comments! Would be awesome to find new places to check out.

loaferspink top look

What do you think about this outfit? Share your thoughts in the comments!

That's it for today's post, but another one will be up soon. Later this week I'm hoping to share nail art, more style and maybe a bit of lifestyle with you. And, next week I'm planning to start a little experiment which I will talk about exactly a week from now - next Monday, that is. I don't know if that will be a little controversial or not but it seems fun now. If you're interested in more content you can check out the Instagram @jolagerroos where I post my daily outfits and more. I'll see you all in the next post!

Have a lovely day ♥


  1. ihanan keväinen asu! sopii hyvin yhteen nuo rennot farkut ja tyylikäs nyöripaita 8) ! mullakin on ostoslistalla löytää kevääksi ton tyyliset farkut :)

    1. Nää "mammafarkut" oli kyllä huippulöytö Zadaasta, varsinkin kun nyt alkaa olla tarpeeksi lämmin välillä pitääkin näitä paleltumatta :) Toivottavasti löydät mieluiset farkut pian ♥


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