Grunge Inspired Outfit

A week of work and a couple of work trips behind, feeling tired but also the trips, as well as many other things at work, felt super good this week. I don't know where this positivity is coming from but can we keep it that way, please? I'm going to keep today's post quite short since it is after all "just" an outfit, but I am planning longer posts as well for those of you who enjoy reading more. 

90s grunge inspired look
The work trips this week challenged me because small talking to strangers in real life isn't necessarily my strong suit - but it is something worth knowing how to do especially in the business environment where my job is as well. So every chance to learn to be better at it is exactly what I need. The past two days have been a little rough as I have been standing for hours in the customer events, so I skipped working out during them, and instead continued today. If you have missed the post where I talk about trying to change my diet and exercise regime into a better one, you can read all about it here (click!). More detailed post will follow after another week, but so far I can tell you I feel more energetic - which might be solely because I eat more frequently and regulary, but also because I watch a bit what I eat (especially with snacks, the lunches and dinners we have had healthy way for a couple of years now). 

rock chic look

Now, about the outfit. I loved wearing this look and yes, it is certainly not revolutionary in my blog or in any style platform. But it's cozy, it's casually cool and I feel confident in it. And like I think I've mentioned before, these kinds of looks are my go-to.

rock chic outfitdetail shotplaid shirt outfitdr. martensgrunge vibe outfit

Plaid shirt: Shop Sweet Mayhem Tee: H&M Jeans: Lee Cooper Shoes: Dr. Martens Choker: eBay Long necklace: MintMONGOOSE Rings: MintMONGOOSE, Coconut Lane Belt: Gina Tricot

Not really related to this outfit, but, I've been finding many inspired alternative style looks lately, and both pinning them in Pinterest and saving them on my Instagram. I'm thinking it would be fun to take the style a tiny bit edgier way because that's what seems very cool and inspiring to me now. That would mean including darker colors, harnesses, studs as details... I'm sure many of you know what I mean. The thing is though, many pieces I would like are either pretty unique and therefore expensive, or affordable and made in questionable conditions. So I'm contemplating starting to DIY things as much as I can but that would require me to get the sewing machine fixed. Which I will probably only have time for during my summer vacation. Oh the first world problems, am I right?

What do you think about this outfit? Let me know in the comments!

That's all for today, but I will be back with another post soon. Tomorrow (Sunday) I will have a ton to do, if I'm lacking a workout this week, that's on the agenda, as well as groceries, planning my trade fair clothes, doing laundry, taking care of plants, planning the agenda for the next week, doing my nails and so on. Wish me luck with that, okay? If you want to see more from me, I strongly recommend following me on Instagram which is my most active platform (I'm @jolagerroos there) and I post there something daily - including but not limited to: outfits, makeup looks, nails and cat pics. See you in my next post!

Have a wonderful day ♥

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