Trying Victoria's Secret Models Inspired Diet For 2 Weeks - The Start

Lately it seems there has been a bit of a wave of "I tried ___ diet for a week" type of videos on YouTube, especially from Blair Walnuts. And that inspired me to try out a diet that is inspired by the kind of one Victoria's Secret models claim they follow. I gave myself an easier time with the dinners, because we eat the same food as dinner with my boyfriend and it doesn't make sense sustainably that we cook different meals just because of the challenge. But my breakfast, lunch and snacks were determined by the VS meal plans I managed to find on the Internet.

ginger shot

So, the meal plan for my "diet" is as follows:

Breakfast: Green smoothie with chia seeds or half avocado and half grapefruit sprinkled with cinnamon (or white egg omelet with spinach and protein)

Lunch: Green salad with vegetables and brown rice or with protein and brown rice

Dinner: Whatever we would normally have

Snacks: Nut butter, berries, yogurt (pick 2 for each snack)

The websites say the VS models would eat 5 times every day, divided so that they eat every 3 hours. According to that, my eating schedule would be:

8am - breakfast
11am - lunch
2pm - snack
5pm - dinner
8pm - snack

That sounds reasonable so far, right? The breakfast would in this case also contain coffee (with plant milk, no sugar) and vitamin D - and maybe occasional ginger shot if that seems necessary. And as far as beverages go, I do drink two cups of tea - usually green one - per day, at least at work. For the sugary sweet cravings, I will have to have some fruit etc. at hand so that the processed sugar stays at minimum. Also, at least for the first week, I don't have the time to prep lunches so I will have dinner leftovers - which isn't necessarily a problem as we make quite healthy food at home.

The would also require avoiding processed carbs, alcohol and salt - and I normally avoid most dairy and all the gluten, which is good for the challenge.

miro the cat

(Random cat pic because why not.)

Now, before we go further, everyone who knows me knows I don't believe in diets and I didn't do this to lose weight. But, I was interested to see what effects does this have on me physically, mentally and so on. If this feels good, I wouldn't mind doing this for long-term as well, but being a bit more open to additional snacks in moderation on some days. And on weekends we do often eat out, at lunch, so on those days, I would swap lunch and dinner another way around to balance it out.

I started the challenge on 6th of May and continued until the 19th of May, which gave me two weeks to experience the effects of the diet. The exercising gives a bit of a challenge as the weeks of the challenge are a bit hectic but we'll see how that turns out. 

Before diet

I must say, while I'm very confident with myself and my body, it has seen fitter days. The starting weight on 6th is around 61,2 kilos (around 135 pounds). It's nearly the heaviest I've ever been, but still not too concerning even though I am short. My ideal weight would be a bit under 60 kilos (under 132 pounds), which could be achieved very easily by switching some of my treats to healthier ones or adding a bit more exercise into my weeks.

May 6th: I had ginger shot, coffee (with milk) and a green smoothie in the morning. That kept me fed until lunch, when I had tomato soup with corn crackers, water and green tea. My afternoon snack was a pink grapefruit with cinnamon. For dinner, we made wok with rice noodle, chicken and vegetables. I did give myself permission to eat the last doughnut there was left from the weekend, with some coffee (with almond milk). And then I had a cup of green mint tea. In addition, I drank few cups of water. Not exactly how the diet suggests, but like I said, this is inspired one, not an exact one. There will be stricter days, but also I might give myself cheat days on weekends. After all the whole point isn't necessarily to lose weight, but rather find if this is the kind of diet that works for me.

Before photo

Now, I won't bore you by going through all the days as I did with the first day, but it's here to give you an idea how much - or rather, how often - this diet will have me eat. Calories are something I won't really be counting, although I do try to choose the lighter options whenever reasonable. 

As for the training, I will aim for 3 workouts per week - even after this experiment potentially stops. That doesn't, however, include walks and other lighter things I do weekly, but rather means a bit more hard-core muscle workout. These weeks will include workdays where I will be standing the whole day or most of the day, which is quite good for the experiment.

Do you think we'll see a difference in my body or mood after this? Let me know in the comments!

Also, let me know if you want to see a stricter version of this "challenge" later this year because I think I could do one on my summer holiday or a bit earlier. I think I have said this many times already, but I'll still repeat it: No, I don't think me or anyone else needs to be thin nor look like a VS model to be attractive, and therefore this is not a post trying to encourage anyone to lose weight. This is for me to adjust my diet to a healthier direction, see if this is what works for me and I'm not taking this too seriously. So don't go feeling bad because of this post, that is not my intention in any way. For lighter content, stay tuned for my next post and consider following my Instagram @silvertigo for daily outfits and more! I'll see you all in my next post!

Have a wonderful day ♥

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