Birthday Girl Haul & My Unicorn Party

At the beginning of this month, I had my birthday. And I kind of celebrated for a week. Which is - like the title tells - what this post is about. If you're interested in seeing more about that, read along, and if not, come back for the next post which will be about other things.

birthday girl

The above photo is my "official" birthday pic, taken on the weekend before the actual date because my boyfriend decided to spoil me beforehand. I got amazing presents, and couldn't be more thankful!

jeffree star blue blooded

The first thing my boyfriend got me was a collection of Jeffree Star mini lipsticks called Blue Blooded. This one includes rainbow of blues and naturally it goes well with the Blue Blood Palette. I've been loving using these so much, and I wouldn't in a million years guessed he got me this. 

jeffree star lipsticksblue blooded collectionpusheen pyjama

The next thing was this super cute pyjama with Pusheen print on it. I love, love, love Pusheen - and cute pyjamas - so this gift was more than perfect!

inthefrow book

Next up is the only thing I actually wished for. The book from the girl boss Victoria Magrath, also known as Inthefrow on social media. In the book she shares her tips on fashion finds, styling your social media and much more. I haven't read too much of it yet, but I might share my thoughts once I get more into it/have read it completely.

pusheen mug

Last of my presents from my boyfriend was this set of Pusheen socks and mug. It's so cute it made me giggle when I saw it, and I have used the mug already several times. This might just be my favorite mug at the moment. 

birthday babecorset

I also spoiled myself by shopping in the Dolls Kill sale at the end of May, which made the package to arrive exactly on my birthday. First of the items I got is this corset, that can be popped over a dress, top or so on to give it a more gothic/metal vibe. You'll see this in my outfits later on. 


Next thing I got is this choker, which I think is cute but edgy, and that would also be one of those little things that make the outfit that much more rock even if other items are basic.


Then there were these boots, because girl can't have too many black boots. Or you know, you can, but I also eliminated a pair of shoes from my closet at the same time. I love the little studs these have, and luckily the size was correct as well. I usually refrain from buying shoes online - because I rather try the footwear on before purchasing - but I flats like this are relatively safe.

velvet top

Next is this adorable velvet top with bell sleeves. It has a lot going on, being cropped length, having the lace-up front, and having lace in the big sleeves. I think this would look best styled with a simple, highwaisted bottom so that it can be the star piece of the look. This too can be seen later on my outfit pics. 


As you fellow ladies know, one can't have too many tights because those get ruined way too easily. Therefore, my haul includes a pair of fishnet tights as my previous pair has seen better days. I rather wear a fresh pair if I can.

leather pants

Lastly, I got a pair of vinyl pants, another thing I go through way too fast and what I'm considering I probably should buy in real leather so that they'd last longer and be more sustainable. I need to look into this soon and possibly save up to a more expensive pair. 

making tassles

For the celebration, I invited my cousin and her husband to have coffee at our place. I wanted just a simple little hangout that would look cute and not be too much of a hassle. I ordered this DIY paper tassle decoration from Etsy, and put it together the day before the celebration. 

paper tassleunicorn birthday party

As you might have seen if you follow me on Instagram, I made myself this cute unicorn cake from scratch. I'm very proud of how it turned out and it tasted really good as well! My theme was definitely unicorns and other cute things.

birthday partuunicorn cakerosesbirthdaypom tree shop decorbirthday holo nails

I even did my nails so that they perfectly matched the occasion. I thought it was cute that they matched the decor, and there's not many things more unicorn than a rainbow holo mani.

unicorn lollipop

And last but not least, the cute little present from my cousin and her husband - a unicorn card and a marshmallow lollipop. This was beyond adorable and I'm so thankful for this little present. She had even taken a picture of the ingredients list for the candy so that I could make sure myself that the product actually is gluten free and therefore safe for me to consume. That's what I call thoughtful.

How was your latest birthday like? Let me know in the comments!

That's it for this post, and in the next one, we're most likely talking about nails again. We'll see. Next week I'll be on Holiday, so hopefully that gives me time to catch up on writing the posts so I could get it to the point where I have at least two weeks worth of posts written in advance, so even if things get hectic I won't fall back on posting content. I also hope that makes my content more worthy of your time, if I plan it ahead properly and always have a little extra time to perfect things if I get more ideas along the way. Anyway, for more frequent content, I strongly encourage you to follow my Instagram @silvertigo, where I post my daily outfits and more. I'll see you in my next post!

Have a lovely day 

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