Festival Outfit Lookbook - Inspired by Elize Ryd

Headed to a rock festival this year but not knowing what to wear? I got you covered girl. 

In this post, you can see six looks inspired the queen of metal looks, Elize Ryd. I've said time and time again how I love her style, and while I can't wear these looks to the office nor am I going to too many festivals this year to showcase them for you the regular way, creating a lookbook with them  felt like a nice idea. So without further ado, let's get into it.

metal girl festival style

First up, let's start with a look built around a red bodysuit. I've seen something like this on Elize on stage a year or two ago - with a red pair of tall boots - and can admit wanting a red bodysuit since then. I actually found this one from thrift store in perfect condition, and after washing it it was good to go. This look could be worn with or without the lace trail, depending on how hot the weather is and how daring you are. You could pair this with taller shoes, a skirt or shorts if this feels like too much skin showing. That choice is totally up to you. I'm showing the look both with and without the lace here, in case that is any help or inspiration to you.

rock chic festival stylealternative girl festival lookfestival look metal girlmetal girl festival outfit

Next up is a look that seems to be quite a popular favorite among us Amaranthe fans, a lace body, and a chiffon trail, with fishnets and tall boots. The version of this that will follow below is closer to the original but I honestly I may love this one even more. These are both something I could see myself wearing to a metal event one day as I feel super confident in these looks. Again, choosing a bit different bottom makes this look easily more covering, if that's what you're into. I don't mind showing a bit of body in the summer (especially now that I'm starting to feel amazing because of the workout), so that's why my examples are a little daring. You can absolutely do these looks more modestly, they will still look amazing!

metal chic festival lookelize ryd inspired outfitedgy festival lookrock chic festival style

Next look is inspired by the Helix promo pics, where Elize is wearing a neat red playsuit - as seen on the "Countdown" music video. Hers is kind of like a button up shirt turned into a dress, but this is close enough for an inspired look. And before you say anything about not changing the shoes at any part of this post, these are my trusted booties that would keep my feet comfy and safe on a festival anytime. They're staying, you can change yours. 

rock chic lookrock chic outfitrock chic festival look

This look is yet another one inspired by on-stage photos of Elize, she has a couple of looks with a lace top situation, layered skirt and a leather jacket, so this is an interpretation of that look/those looks. This one does work wonderfully even without the jacket, being again a little more daring one. I would've loved taller boots with this look, but to be honest didn't have ones I would wear to festivals. I don't know about you but for me, heels would be a big no there. 

metal girl festival lookgothic festival lookmetal festival look

This is another multilayer look, I saw a picture with lace top, trail, leather shorts and all that jazz, and that is what sparked this look. The jacket may or may not be too much there, but I really just wanted to match the look that also had a fringe jacket - although an all black one. Those have actually been pretty popular now so they should be easy to find in stores now and secondhand soon when people get bored with the trend. Mine is from the time they last time, or time before that became popular and will most likely be in my closet the next time fringes are in. 

Anyway, I felt very confident in this look so I get why it's something (close to the) what Elize has worn on stage. She definitely knows how to look like a queen and I bet she knows it. Like I've said, I do take inspiration from her style and attitude the best I can and that has given me a huge confidence boost. And while the point of this experiment is not to be the carbon copy of her by any means, it was really fun to put these looks together and see if that could inspire me more when it comes to my free time style. If you see me wearing anything like this in the future, you know where the inspiration comes from.

rock festival outfitrock festival lookmetal girl outfitband tee dress

Last but not least, a bit more ordinary festival look, and maybe more relatable to most of you. A band tee turned into a dress, topped off with a fringe belt. This is close to what I wore to the Amaranthe concert in February, and what I just may wear to their show next month. Unless I get inspired by something else closer to the date. This is casual enough to rock in the crowd, but also fun enough for a festival - where it is fun to dress up a little. I also saw that the song this tee represents - Inferno - was live premiered at the Rockfest, so I'm really, really, really hoping to hear it when I see the band play the next time. It's one of my power songs for sure. 

amaranthe tee

Which of these outfits is your favorite? And, have you planned going to any festivals this summer? Let me know in the comments!

That's it for today, and in the next post, I will most likely do a little birthday recap. I'm also planning a beauty product review as well as couple of nail art posts in the nearest future, so stay tuned for those! In the meantime I encourage you to follow my Instagram (@silvertigo), where I post outfits and more daily. I'll see you in my next post!

Have a wonderful day ♥

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