China Glaze You Do Hue First Impression

Today, I'm excited to be talking about yet another nail polish collection. Not too long ago, I purchased the You Do Hue collection from China Glaze almost in all its entirety. I left out one because it didn't speak to me as much, but I'm sure it's a shade many other people would enjoy. But I'll give some opinion about each shade I do have, two of which I have actually worn already, and rest of them I have only swatched on wheels. But I do have thoughts based on that and the swatching videos I've seen around. I try however keep the thoughts original as much as possible.

Sesame street nail polish

The You Do Hue collection is a Sesame Street themed one, which shows in the packaging and in the shade names. I'm not the hugest fan of the series, so I'm not the right person to say whether or not the colors and all are true to the Sesame Street lore or not, but I think the collection is cute and colorful, and I love the different finishes. I would've picked up the collection even if the theme would've been something else because I just loved the colors, especially the glitters. Which are the biggest reason the collection caught my eye, I can't resist glitter.

china glaze x sesame street nail polish

I really like that the collection has so many different finishes, so there is something for everyone in both that sense as well as shade-wise. There is quite a bit of glitter and shimmer, so if you're not into that, this collection may not be for you, but I sure love the look of it. I feel glitter is the easiest way to make nails fun even if you're not amazing at nail art.

china glaze x sesame streetchina glaze x sesame street

Things to note about the collection is that some of the shades seem to be possibly trickier to work with if you prefer completely opaque look. But you can also see it the way that these are fantastic for layering, if they seem sheer on their own. Some have also felt like some of the colors aren't representing Sesame Street well enough, but again, I'm not familiar enough with the lore to really comment on that. 

china glaze x sesame street

Below, you can see some swatches of the shades accompanied by some thoughts I have of the shades from the first glance. And at the end of the post, I talk about the two shades I have actually worn so far.

china glaze swatches 4

So here are all the shades swatched. Some of them have a couple of coats for the sake of making them opaque enough to show the color, so these don't tell how much of a one-coater a polish is, but rather show off the color.

Living In The Elmo-ment is the bright red glitter one there. It has a slight orange tone to it and it includes different sized glitters in it. The consistency is somewhere between creme and jelly, and I think it's a very beautiful one.

Fur Real Though is a super bright neon pink jelly, that will take couple of coats to be opaque (I'm guessing), and would look amazing in layering.

Monster Piece is pink glitter polish with irregularly shaped glitter in it. This one I'm really interested in trying, because I love shades of pink on my nails so, so much.

I Count Even... is a very. very sheer jelly in cute shade of purple. This is something I bought in pure curiosity because it seemed so strange in swatches and reviews, people seemed a little unsure how to use this one because it's so sheer. It has barely any pigment on it's own, and it doesn't look like much, but I've also seen it used in some beautiful layering and there it seems to work nicely so that's what I hope to do with it. If all else fails, I'll use it to revive some dried out glitter polishes since this is nearly clear.

china glaze swatches-2

Ah Ah Ah-mazing is a metallic lilac shade that has a little silver shine to it. This has the potential to dry out a little streaky depending on your application, but I think it eases out a bit once you add another layer.

Grover It is royal blue / navy blue glitter polish, which has tiny holographic glitter in it. It looks amazing when the light hits it, and it becomes opaque in just two coats. I'm wearing this one while typing this post and will show it more at the end of the post.

Dat Color Dough is light blue glitter polish with clear base. This looks to be so full of glitter that you can decently easily make it opaque, but I'm not entirely sure. The color is stunning and I think this will be the next one I put on my nails.

china glaze swatches

Free To Be Sesame is a bright green glitter polish with tiny holographic glitter in it. This seems to be very similar consistency than Monster Piece, but the glitter is closer to the ones in Dat Color Dough. I may or may not already have quite many green and blue glitters and one might say I didn't need this one but trust me, I needed it.

Trash Can-do Attitude is a metallic green that's kinda similar in consistency than the lilac one, but this has gold shimmer instead of silver one. This might be more my mom's shade than mine, but I'll try it out and if it doesn't seem "me", I'm sure my mom will love it.

Beak On Fleek! is a yellow creme(?) with a matte finish. This is bright and beautiful, but little sheer. Some seem to have problems getting this one opaque on its own, some even say it's streaky. As a swatch it looks really pretty, but I will know more after I actually try it.

Ernie Your Stripes is an orange jelly with a lot of golden shimmer. This has a potential to be super beautiful for summer and autumn, but I'm understanding it's a little sheer unless you actually wear another polish underneath. Again, I'll know better once I actually try it out.

Living In The Elmo-ment China Glaze

Then, to the ones I've gotten to wear already. Above is Living In Elmo-ment. It isn't the best of pictures due to not using a lightbox, but hopefully it will give some idea of it. Like I said, it's an orangey red with different sizes of glitter, and I wore two coats of it in the picture. It's a cool alternative for traditional red polish, since this one shines like a rainbow in sunlight.

Grover It China Glaze

And my current nails you can see above, I'm wearing Grover It which is the navy glitter polish. This doesn't look like much of anything in pics but it's quite stunning in real life. I'm such a sucker for holo anything, so the holo glitters in this polish absolutely have my soul.

china glaze swatches-3

What do you think about this collection? Let me know in the comments!

That's it for today, I hope this helps you out in case you are considering this collection or just like reading about nail art things. I'm hoping I could figure out a static place for my lightbox so I could start taking better nail pics. I could, also, use the older camera I have for the closeups and things that need extra lighting until I get the flash sorted out in my new one. I'll have to figure that out soonish. Anyway, in the next post we will talk about style and confidence, so stay tuned for that, and in the meantime follow me on Instagram (@silvertigo), where I post my daily outfits and more. I'll see you in my next post!

Have a wonderful day ♥

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