Rock Chic Capsule Wardrobe

If you've been here on the blog or even on my Instagram for a while now, you may know that capsule wardrobes and a thing for me. I highly admire the videos showing how people have like 30-item wardrobes, but so far I'm not ready for a collection like that. However, I've been reducing the amount of items I have steadily, trying to also make the overall vibe of all the items to be cohesive in some way. There's still work to do with that, and at the same time, I want to have better materials (more sustainable, with a longer lifespan) and more or less timeless pieces, while still having the rock chic vibe there.  

capsule wardrobe

I've been doing these posts seasonally, but since I'm inspired to go towards a little smaller amount of clothes still, I figured having a capsule wardrobe full of my rock chic essentials would be more fun and productive for the goal I have. You can share in the comments what you think about this idea. 

In this wardrobe, I want to have pieces that can be used more or less throughout the year, if not all by themselves, then at least by layering. Since my style stays reasonably similar through the year, the only thing actually changing are my outerwear and amount of layers. I don't believe in seasonal colors too much, nor do I truly follow trends, so for me having one wardrobe for the whole year goes reasonably well. And I'm also hoping this makes me realize how I gravitate towards certain kind of things and therefore makes it easier to downsize my closet more.

I won't really talk about the items here because they are decently basics or they have featured in a blog post in one point or another so the pictures can speak for themselves. Notable things are the color scheme that's grayscale with a pop of blue, and that I have some bacis patterns to make up for the lack of color. 

capsule wardrobecapsule wardrobe
capsule wardrobe
capsule wardrobecapsule wardrobe
capsule wardrobe
capsule wardrobe

So that'll be my capsule wardrobe for the time being, and yes, I still have a ton more clothes, but I'm dreaming of even more streamlined closet full - but not too full - of things I love and that are of great quality (and hopefully secondhand or otherwise sustainable). Worse than fear of missing out on new trends or sales, my fear is more about missing items I get rid of. But even that has gotten smaller and smaller each time I purge things out of my closet. So I'm thinking that at some point I'll be able to show you a closet that's super organized and only full of necessities. 

What do you think about my current capsule wardrobe? Let me know in the comments!

That's it for today's post, I hope this inspires you to try out downsizing your closet in case you are clothes hoarder like I've been, or maybe this will encourage you to define your own style more, no matter what kind of style that is. And if defining your style is your current thing, check out this post (click!) for tips on being more confident with your style. For more style content, you can follow me on Instagram (I'm @silvertigo), where I post my daily outfits and more. I'll see you in my next post!

Have a lovely day ♥

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