Thrifting The Trends: AW19/20 - Color Crush

On Wednesdays, we wear pink. Except that it's Friday and I wore this look on Tuesday... Oh well, I tried. Today, I'm sharing another catwalk-inspired look completely done with what I already have, and proving that you too can be effortlessly stylish without breaking the bank and possibly without even buying anything new.

If you didn't follow this series on Spring and Summer, this is a series where I take trends predicted on fashion week, and show you how to recreate the looks or the trends for less, with items you may already have in your closet. I'm not allowed to buy brand new items for this unless I get it from a thrift store and I can't buy for this at all unless they are things I would buy regardless. As an inspiration, I use the Vogue article here and Pantone article here. The Pantone colors can also be found in this Pinterest post if you prefer more mobile-friendly guide to colors.

pink red suit
Today's look is very office appropriate, and I truly felt like a superwoman in this look. So much so that I tackled the next obstacle between me and graduating, which was narrowing my thesis topic. Meaning that I get to start analyzing the theme and actually writing my thesis. Which I'm kind of excited about. Yes kids, I'm excited about school work. You'll get it on my age if it's not relatable for you now. Anyway, with the school work, a full-time job and hopefully maintaining my mental health keeping up blogging may or may not be a challenge, so we shall see how well I can keep up. It should all be about being efficient and organized at all - or at least most times.

colorful suitgirly office lookpink blazer

Speaking of being organized, I really liked simple accessories with this look. The jewelry pieces you see here are super special, as they both are gifted by fellow metalheads Vita and Alena. Meaning that they make this look even more boss babe than it already is. I'm so blessed to have met both of them, and all the others I socialize with more or less regularly. Never have I felt as much at home than in metal community, there are real people who don't smooth out things to look their best to get klout, there's no cattiness between girls but since we're a minority, we have each other's backs. And that is very empowering.

loafersblazer outfit

Blazer: Zadaa (originally from Zara) Body: Zadaa (originally from Red Label) Pants: Zadaa (originally from Zara) Loafers: Citymarket Belt: Zadaa (originally from Veniz) Necklace: gift from my friend Alena Bracelet: gift from my friend Vita

The fun thing about this look is that the only thing I've actually bought new are shoes. Everything else is pre-loved from Zadaa or gifts. And that kind of dressing is what this series is all about. Not creating more demand for fast fashion, but rather creating styles with existing items - whether they exist in your closet or in a thrift store. Borrowing clothes for this would also be definitely allowed, but funny enough I don't have a friend who would be close enough and the same size as me so that we could properly swap styles. But maybe at some point in the future.

business style

What do you think about this outfit? Let me know in the comments!

That's all from me today, but I'll be back very soon with another post. I don't know if you noticed, but the balcony has had a bit of sprucing up for fall - some of which I shared already on Instagram, but rest of it will be on its own blog post later this fall. So stay tuned for that and more. If you like my style posts, I highly recommend following me on Instagram, where I share my outfits daily (apart from possibly weekends). You can find me as @silvertigo. I'll see you in my next post!

Have a wonderful day ♥

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