Thrifting The Trends: AW19/20 - Statement Tights

Craving for more trend inspiration? I got you covered today. Today we're exploring one way to style statement tights, and I can give ideas how to have a more office-appropriate approach to this trend in case what is shown here doesn't cut it for your life. 

If you didn't follow this series on Spring and Summer, this is a series where I take trends predicted on fashion week, and show you how to recreate the looks or the trends for less, with items you may already have in your closet. I'm not allowed to buy brand new items for this unless I get it from a thrift store and I can't buy for this at all unless they are things I would buy regardless. As an inspiration, I use the Vogue article here and Pantone article here. The Pantone colors can also be found in this Pinterest post if you prefer more mobile-friendly guide to colors.

statement tights look

For the statement tights trend, I really wanted to do a look where the tights are in the focal point. So I paired the tights with an oversized band tee and called it a day. Now, if I were going to a public place I would add under a pair of biking shorts or something like that to avoid flashing anything, but at home, this worked like a charm like this.

band tee outfitaccessorieslace tights

If you're looking for a more professional way to wear this trend, you could take a knee-length pencil skirt and slightly oversized blazer and either wear the blazer belted as a top or add a super simple top under it. And another way to style this would be just to wear a little black dress - or your preferred color of dress - and simple pumps/booties with the tights. The key thing is to keep the rest of the outfit as simple as possible so the tights do the talking and you also avoid making the outfit look busy - which is something I may have done wrong with this one, the socks may be a little much here. But I wanted to be comfy so sorry, not sorry.

lace tights outfithow to style a band tee

Tee: Merchland/Amaranthe Tights: Gina Tricot (I suspect) Choker: eBay Necklaces: MintMONGOOSE, Gina Tricot Rings: MintMONGOOSE, Coconut Lane Socks: DIY Shoes: Truffle Collection

What do you think about this look? Let me know in the comments!

That's it for this trend post, and in the next one, I'm showing a new nail art design for you. In coming posts, we will talk about all things autumn in one way or another, and sorry but I'm not sorry about since I'm in an autumn mood. So much so that on 1st of this month I marched into the store and bought my first pumpkin and will be making all kinds of things from it this week (expect cooking content from here to November featuring pumpkins and apples). If you want to see sneak peeks of that and more, follow me on Instagram (@silvertigo) - where I also share my daily outfits and then some. I'll see you in my next post!

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