Support Sunday: Real Life Disney Princess Lizzie

You know how I talked about re-thinking my content and what post which day in my post on Wednesday? Well today, we will start the hopefully uplifting series called Support Sunday, where I encourage you to get to  know the people who inspire me in my life one way or another. Many of them will be people who are way popular than me and while they may not need a shoutout from a small platform such as my blog/insta, they may inspire at least one new person through these introductions, and that's more than I could ever ask for. 

The first person I would like to give praise to is Elizabeth Hugen, the amazing woman behind the blog Lizzie in Lace. She is style-wise best described as real life Disney princess, but looks aren't certainly all this power house of a woman has to give. I've had the pleasure of knowing her for years, and seeing her platforms grow and her getting to have amazing experiences and opportunities through blogging and social media. I've followed her adventures on fashion weeks, read her stories about personal growth and hard times, and celebrated in my thoughts with her as she has reached milestones and accomplished wonderful things in life. 

Lizzie is wonderfully open about her life and blogging without spilling all the personal tea for the whole World to see, which is something I want to do more in the future. And what I  mean about being open about blogging is that she has dedicated posts in her blog for blogging tips as well as social media and photography tips. Sharing what one knows is to me a sign of a strong and confident woman, because sharing knowledge lifts us all up. 

While our styles are very different, mentally we have so much in common. (Which is why I'm sad there's a whole ocean between us because I really want to meet her one day!) We've had great talks about social media lately, and we've agreed on so many points - and those conversations are one of the things that sparked this series. There's so much competition between people in social media, and everyone seems to be comparing themselves and obsessing about numbers (partly because you have to in case you want to make deals with companies, but some just because they think big follower number makes you look good - a topic for another day I guess). So instead of making this platform all about me, I rather use it to uplift other ladies, like Lizzie. 

One of the things I mostly admire about Lizzie is her impeccable eye for a beautiful flatlay! If you check her socials, you'll see wonderful arrangements of girly things in photos that look like they belong to marketing editorials. She has shared her secrets to How to Style Product Photos Like a Pro and How to Style Flatlays Like a Pro, both of which I have read, thoroughly enjoyed, and should actually revise again to make my photography a hundred times better. And speaking of photography, Lizzie's outfit photos are outstanding. The skillfully taken photos are edited beautifully into the pink realm that her internet World is, and I would recognize her pictures anywhere. 

As I mentioned previously, she does look like a princess in her photos with the feminine dresses and wide smile. But like you've already gathered (at least I hope so), behind that beautiful surface is a smart businesswoman, loyal friend, loving wife and a brave lady, who knows what she wants and is brave enough to go after it when she gets the chance. I admire her so, so much, and I know this post sounds like a love  letter to her. Well heck, it kind of is a love letter to everything she does, and I'm not ashamed of that. 

If you want to see yourself what this babe is all about, you can check out Lizzie's blog here, Instagram @lizzieinlace here, and any other of her socials through the links in her blog. Go show her some support and love, that would mean the world to me and she completely deserves it. Lizzie, you rock!

That's it for today's post, I had more fun writing this than you can ever imagine, and I'm already planning the next Sunday post to write. I hope these posts get a good welcome from you babes, because they truly are inspiring for me to research for since I get even more hyped about the ladies as I map out what it is I like about them. We'll have a trial run of 5 Sundays before Christmas season, and after I see the feedback from this series I can develop it more for 2020. I'm thinking I could at some point even have interviews or something for this, but that will have to wait until my life isn't quite as busy as currently. So, if you have thoughts about the series, please share your thoughts in the comments so we can make this as beneficial for you as we can. I'll see you in my next post!

Have a wonderful day ♥

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