Support Sunday: Unicorn Princess Markie (Alia Tempora)

Today is my great pleasure to continue my Support Sunday series by talking about a woman who is not only an inspiration to me, but also I would dare to say we're friends. At least that's how it feels whenever we talk together. The woman in question is the lead singer of Alia Tempora, Markéta Morávková - or as we fans call her, Markie. 
Markéta is an inspirational lady to me because she truly lives the metal mentality of being unique and doing things a little outside of the box. Even in metal. She has a beautiful pink unicorn hair and her metal style isn't the typical tough and all black, but rather bit of soft and feminine yet still edgy. She wears cute skirts, holo pieces and white to the stage, has a microphone with a neon light and truly empodies a metal unicorn. She has made me see that being metal doesn't have to mean it's all black everything, I can have my colorful hair and colorful makeup and still feel totally metal. And I'm very thankful for her for that since sometimes some people can have this box even for metal people, which is silly because in my understanding metal music was born to be something outside the box.

And speaking about being outside the box, that is something Markie strongly supports. She constantly encourages people to be themseves especially if that means one stands outside the box. Some of the things she always says to us fans is to never give up on our dreams and to stay positive and that will lead to great things. Which I believe because that's kind of Law of Attraction in short definition.

Näytä tämä julkaisu Instagramissa.

Henkilön MARKIE ☆ Markéta Morávková (@marketa.moravkova) jakama julkaisu

Also a sentence that she keeps repeating is "Never grow up, it's a trap", which I interpret as one should always be able to be a little silly, have fun and not take every single thing so seriously. And I honestly live by that, I'm super silly in real life and that's something I hope I never give up.

Another thing to appreciate about Markie is that she's truly there for her fans, not only does she notice the comments people write on her socials, but she honestly has conversations with the fans as well. I've had great exchange of thoughts with her, which I appreciate so, so much, and she makes every fan feel important and special the way she acts. And that support is not only for the fans, but of course for the fellow metal ladies as well. The biggest thing keeping me in metal scene after the music itself is the certain feel of sisterhood in the community, especially the one I see amongs the artists. Markie is a great example of that, she's always showing massive support to the other artists, which to me is sign of a true queen. All of us ladies should definitely support each other more - there can never ever be too much of that.

Alia Tempora released an album called Dragonfly Effect 22nd September last year (2019), and a fun thing they did - relating to supporting their fans - was including us in the making of the album. The album has a track called Crossroads, and us fans were asked to send in audio of ourselves singing a part of the song. Those tracks were then edited into a pretty cool choir of 100 voices and I know I'm partial to say as I am one of them, but it sound quite magnificent. And when my copy of the album arrived, it even had a personalized message with it, which made it feel extra special. The little big things Markie (and the boys in the band) does truly makes a fan feel special, and more like a friend than a fan. 

So if you love unicorns and women who empower other girls, Markie and her music is something you definitely should check out. I can honestly say my life is better after finding her because she helps me feel more in place in the metal community. Markie's Instagram can be found here, their band's Instagram here and the Alia Tempora homepage here. Please go check their music out and share the songs if you like them. I believe the band deserves so much more visibility than they have now, because their sound is very unique at least to me. 

Have you heard of Alia Tempora before? Let me know in the comments!

That's it for today's love letter to another amazing woman. It's been a hot minute since the last one but I want to get back into doing them as we can't support each other too much, ever. The coming week I'm not sure about my schedule regarding blogging, as I have a rather busy schedule otherwise with work, school and preparing for a vacation. It might be that the posts start rolling better while I'm on the vacation if all goes well, but if I get too busy the regular posting may have to wait until the end of the month. Before the next post, you can follow me on Instagram as @silvertigo, where I'm currently posting a 31-day song challenge and where I will have such fun content next week! I'll see you in my next post!

Have a wonderful day 💖

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