12 Days of Christmas: My DIYs since the previous update

What's up my loves? As promised, today's post is all about DIY things, although I haven't been up to as many things as I had in the previous DIY update here (click!). That's because I'm busy with studying and working all the darn time, and can't put as much time into DIY as I'd love to. However, that'll change once I graduate (which should be in June if all goes well). 

But without further ado, let's talk about DIY!

knitted skirt

First I want to share my progress with this skirt I already mentioned in the previous post. It has come quite the way since that and I'm hoping to finish it before the year ends - wish me luck! 

slytherin mittens

Next up are these Slytherin mittens I made for myself (the pattern can be bought from Ravelry in case you want to make these, or ones for your own house, whichever that may be!). The yarns here were bought from Lankamaailma, which is one of my go-to yarn shops because even these times, I love going into a physical store and see and feel the yarns before buying (taking all the necessary precautions, of course). These were such a fun projects, and inspired me to do a completely another one soon too - which I'll talk about later in this post.

christmas cards

I'm usually so bad with sending, let alone making Christmas cards, but this year I had inspiration through one of the knitting groups I'm in and decided to do these simple ones with some yarn in them. I'm hoping the people I will give cards to will love them, so far I've gotten one good feedback from them as the first person received theirs.

sock yarn

So, I mentioned above that I got inspired by the Slytherin mittens, and what I mean is that I bought a pattern for knee high Slytherin socks, and bought these yarns for them. Can't wait to get into knitting these!

And speaking of buying yarn...  

new yarn

Here's my latest knitting haul. Yikes. No but seriously, I figured I want to have more options since many yarns I have are a tad thick and I've found many amazing patterns that require thinner yarn unless I want to do knitting math and I honestly hate that so I rather get the right thickness of yarn. 

And bamboo sock needles because I may or may not have broken one from a previous set. Oops.

Also I realized I haven't yet shared my yarn stashes so let's do that too today:

yarn stash 2

Next to my writing spot, I have this crochet basket full of goodies, showcasing some adorable yarns from Nurja (local yarn shop). I have made the basket myself, and am quite very proud of it.

yarn stash 1

Inside one of the bedroom closets there's yarn on two shelves (oops), here's the first of them...

yarn stash

...and here's the second of them.

I also may or may not have a couple of more spots where I store the yarn but let's leave that for another time, haha.

What are your latest DIYs? Share with me in the comments!

That's it for this post, but next week I'll have more posts coming your way. On Monday, we'll talk about makeup, on Wednesday I'll share some gift ideas, on Friday we'll have a nail talk and on Sunday I'll give you some recommendations for creators to follow right now. So it's going to be a full week, and I hope you'll like what I've planned for you! In the meantime, I recommend following me on Instagram @jolagerroos for the latest updates, most content and all that jazz. I'll see you again here on Monday!

Have a wonderful day ♥

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