Witchy Winter Photoshoot

One of the core topics in this blog has always been my style, and if you scroll through the old posts you can see it has evolved quite a bit over the years until me finally finding the darker, rock vibed style and more or less staying in that lane for quite a while now. I would love to post more style content, but quite honestly I don’t have a photographer to take my pics so that brings a challenge. Although, I could do the remote control route with my phone, and then try my best to up the quality in editing (the phone remote doesn’t support taking RAW format, so that takes a toll on the quality sometimes). 

Today’s outfit photos, however, are from a shoot I did with my mom as a photographer. She really knows how to work the camera, and made my witchy picture dreams come true. Below you’ll see some of my favorite photos from the shoot, as well as few new additions to my closet.

The dress in this post was graciously gifted to me by Fantasmagoria, but all the opinions are 100% my own.

_DSC6162-2 (Large)

Immediately when seeing the dress for the first time, I knew I wanted to style it into a witchy outfit, and I also had quite a clear vision of what kind of pictures I wanted to take with the look. And luckily I could translate that through a moodboard to my mom, so together we got these pictures to come to life.

These pictures were taken around Christmas time in a place that’s dear to me from my childhood, and it was cool to see how it made the perfect background for these pictures so that the whole vibe stayed magical and witchy. If you follow me on Instagram you probably have seen some pictures already along the way

_DSC6124 (Large)_DSC6111 (Large)

_DSC6089-2 (Large)

Dress: Fantasmagoria Belt: Pieces Boots: KooKenk√§? Leggings: H&M Necklace: MintMongoose Rings: MintMongoose, Coconut Lane, RegalRose

I absolutely adore the way we were able to make this outfit look in the pictures, and can't wait to do more shoots with my mom once the pandemic situation gets better. Also I can't wait to shoot outside more once the weather gets warmer because quite frankly I'm tired of my trusty closet doors I have in the background of every single outfit pic I post on my Instagram, haha.

_DSC6050-2 (Large)_DSC6147-2 (Large)

_DSC6173 (Large)_DSC6108 (Large)

What do you think about the witchy outfit? Let me know your thoughts in the comments!

Despite showing you a new piece here, the overall direction with me and my style/closet is definitely to buy less, and especially buy less new items - to overall make it more sustainable and my wallet way happier. I’m actually planning a post about how my fashion consumption has changed as an adult and about how I try to make more sustainable choices. I would love to know; What would you like me to specifically talk about in a post like that? Would you for example like shopping tips, tips on how to find better alternatives, info on where to find the information on sustainable brands…? This is definitely your time to give some input as the planning is still quite early on.

That’s all for today, but I’ll have a new post up for you really soon, and then we’ll be talking a little about nail art and specifically about me trying a stamping brand I’ve never tried before - so stay tuned for that. And in the meantime, you can follow me on Instagram (@jolagerroos), where I post beauty and style content and then some almost every day. I’ll see you in the next post!

Have a wonderful day ♥

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