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Hello everyone!

Has your Easter been great so far? ♥

I'm so happy it's a 4-day weekend, we've had such a great chance to relax and hang out with loved ones. But as I still am not back at my laptop, here's a post I wrote for you beforehand on Thursday. It's just an outfit I wore a couple of weeks back, again such a tomboy look, but you know, that's me.

 photo DSC07830Large.jpg
 photo DSC07856Large.jpg

I absolutely love the pink accessories I got a while back from They're just perfect for spring and summer looks. Because the bright pink is just the perfect color.

 photo DSC07881Large.jpg photo DSC07838Large.jpg

And yes, I'm still the most awkward model ever.

 photo DSC07873Large.jpg photo DSC07845Large.jpg

Jeans: Gina Tricot
Sweatshirt: Gina Tricot
Jacket: H&M
Bag: Boohoo
Sneakers: Boohoo
Beanie: Boohoo
Sunglasses: Boohoo
Earrings: Bik Bok

So that kind of a look. A tad of hipster in it, even. I think I look like a teenager though, even if many teenagers nowadays dress up more grownup than I do. Well, hell.

Anyways, I'll get back to you very soon this week with another post. What will it be about? We shall see. I hope to get to the weekend highlights first, but we'll see what the beginning of the week brings.

What do you all think about this look? ♥

Now, time to say bye for a brief moment, see ya soon though!

Have a fab day ♥


  1. I love the outfit, I see that it's tomboy but the pink converse are really cute! I love the balance x
    My Lush & Body Shop Haul! | Freya's Fashion Chapter

  2. Love love love your bag!!


  3. I absolutely love this look on you! I've been getting more into hip hop and street dancing lately, and it has been changing my day to day style - making it more like what you're showcasing here. Dig it!


    1. Thank you Erika! I would want to be more girly, but tomboy clothes are so much more comfy and practical ;) ♥

  4. Hi Johanna, I love that beanie, and I think that is one of the most beautiful leather jackets I've ever seen :)

    - Che

    PS. you're not awkward, you're adorable :)

  5. Love all the pink colour you've added in to this look! Looks so pretty. I really love the hat!


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