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Hello my lovelies!

How was your weekend? ♥

I just finished a mountain of school work - or at least that's how it felt! And now, I feel I can actually get going with a new week, and probably a ton of new work as well. But the best part is, I have a bit shorter days and even if they aren't, I get to spend them with my darling girls. I have seriously missed them, no matter how nice the girls in my this week's group were.

But anyways, as I'm trying to backup my phone so that I can then start making it faster, I figured I should probably write up a little something for you guys. So, here you can see something inspired by our relatively new curtains:

 photo DSC02519Large.jpg

A set of nails with candy print. If you don't recognize these, not to worry, as they are such a Finnish things. The interior decor print that inspired these, is Karkkipäivä (Candy Day) by Vallila Interior. Again, if you don't know, Vallila is a brand pretty well known here in Finland, and they make amazing prints for curtains and other textiles. If you are into interior stuff, you can check Vallila out here:

 photo DSC02527Large.jpg photo DSC02538Large.jpg

I'm personally pretty crazy about the Karkkipäivä prints, as they remind me of my childhood. Why? Because the prints are clearly representing certain classic candies everyone in Finland has had as a child. For example, the fox print here is like the one in candies named Pihlaja (rowan), which is a candy that originally reminded the taste of the berries of that tree. Nowadays, it's much sweeter (to my taste, anyway) but still darn good.

...And my fox kinda looks like a badger but let's not bother too much about that, okay?

 photo DSC02532Large.jpg

The colors used for this design were Essie Licorice, China Glaze White On White, China Glaze Seas The Day and a random yellow polish from H&M (that isn't sold there anymore). The rhinestones are again from Born Pretty Store, and the designs have been painted with thin nail art brushes and dotting tools. No stamping included.

 photo DSC02537Large.jpg

These nails had so much to them that I really just wanted to show them on their own, without a comparison, but later on we will be back doing these in pairs so that I don't fill anyone's feed with just nail stuff. ;)

What do you think about these nails? Let me know in the comments below!

Now, I'm gonna try and get my phone backup done (it's taking ages), and in the meanwhile, I will do a new manicure. More on that hopefully tomorrow on Instagram and such, so stay tuned there. But as always, I will talk to you as soon as possible!

Have a great start for the new week ♥


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