Rock vs. Neon ♥

Hello lovelies!

How are you all? ♥

I've been pretty swamped with school and all - and it seems there's no end to it in few weeks. So if I'm slow with the posts, be patient. I have to schedule my to-do's and try to put in as much blogging as I can, but of course I need to prioritize my school stuff so I won't have deadlines in summer. 

But on a lighter note, I came here today to share a nail art post with you all. This time, yet again two very different manis and I hope you guys like them!

DSC04966 (Large)

So the first design is this rock inspired one I wore to a gig (Amaranthe) a while back. The spikes were kind of a pain to wear as they pretty much fell off in an hour (yes, I really need to get nail glue), but otherwise I really loved the design. It gave me an excuse to try out the rhinestones there for the first time.

DSC04979 (Large)DSC04975 (Large)

I also really loved the chrome polish, as it's something I haven't ever worn in my nails before this. The consistency was a tiny bit tricky to work with, but I think I did a decent job.

DSC04986 (Large)

The polish I used is China Glaze I'd Melt For You, and the studs, spikes and rhinestones are from Born Pretty Store.

DSC04972 (Large)DSC05058 (Large)

The next one is more colorful, and kind of great for summer. I was sick when I made these, and thought nice nails would make me feel better. They didn't, but at least they looked nice.

DSC05069 (Large)DSC05061 (Large)

I personally liked the color scheme a lot, and would definitely wear something like this again now that I'm flu free. And at least in summer with cute outfits.

DSC05074 (Large)

The polishes I used were China Glaze Highlight Of My Summer and White On White, and a neon yellow one from Depend. The triangle rhinestones and round studs are from Born Pretty Store.

DSC05078 (Large)

I hope you liked these nails here, and that at least some of you would be a tiny bit inspired. I have been pretty inspired with doing my nails lately, although I feel I need some new colors in my arsenal. In May, I think I might actually be able to do that. 

What do you think bout these nails? Let me know in the comments below!

Now, I'm heading to bed so I won't wake up all sore and tired after all the workout and work today. Tomorrow, there's so much to do I really don't know how to handle everything, but I will figure out a way to get through it. I just started a new workout routine to be in better shape in summer (and for our wedding), and I'm not sure how that will affect on my muscles. But we'll see tomorrow and I will let you know in the next post. I will be back as soon as I can!

Have a fantastic day ♥


  1. Rock on!!! The spikes on the ring finger are mega cool, it takes all the spotlight!

    1. Thank you! I think they're cool too, I just need a better method to attach them :) ♥

  2. Love the rock inspired nail art especially the spiked ones!


  3. OMG the studs on your nails look amazing! They're so cool.


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