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I was meant to post this yesterday but celebrating our wedding kinda had a toll on me. I actually took an hour long nap last night at seven, which I never do since it messes up my schedule. But now it was more than needed. I guess I can't party like I used to anymore without getting some proper sleep on the way. Anyway, while I'm waiting to get all the pictures from people from the wedding, I have lots of other things to post for you. Like today, when we are going to talk about nails.

DSC07940 (Large)

First up is this tropical design, which was strongly inspired by Sam from PackaPunchPolish. I wore this one to zoo (see pics of the trip on the previous post) so I had to have an animal in there.

DSC07958 (Large)

I personally really liked this design, because it was good practice for free hand painting. Obviously I should get acrylic paints to do this kind of things, but that shall be next months to-do. (As I just placed kinda big nail polish order last night... Who is excited to see that?) I think I did kinda good job with the nail polish here though.

DSC07949 (Large)DSC07943 (Large)

I used quite a lot of polishes here, as the picture shows. The polishes were China Glaze White On White, Liquid Leather, Treble Maker, The Grass Is Lime Greener, Red-Y To Rave, Sun-Kissed, Splish Splash, Home Sweet House Music, Glow With The Flow, Surfin' For Boys and In The Lime Light. (at least, but I'm sure I forgot some. I should start writiiing these down when I paint.) I used one dotting tool and a thin nail art brush to do the design.

DSC07951 (Large)DSC07965 (Large)

Next up is this Ikat print design. For this I actually had to custom make a green by mixing yellow and green neon polishes because I didn't have the shade I wanted. Other than that this was basically just technique training.

DSC07999 (Large)

I liked this design quite a bit and wore it for midsummer. I think I will be doing Aztec and Ikat prints quite much in Autumn, because they are fun to wear and they better my hand-coordination when I need to paint a lot of details. My hand painting is not nearly where I want it to be yet, so this should be good for that.

DSC07983 (Large)DSC07976 (Large)

The polishes I used were all by China Glaze: White On White, Liquid Leather, Glow With The Flow and the green is mixture of Daisy Know My Name and Treble Maker if I remember correctly. Like I said, I need to start writing these down.

DSC07989 (Large)

That's all I have for you today, I really hope you enjoyed this post. I would be happy to take in your nail art ideas (no matter how challenging) so that you could see designs and techniques and so on that would be helpful for you. Also, please leave any tutorial requests below as I will try to start filming that kind of things on videos as soon as I can.

What did you think about these nails - and do you have a favorite? Let me know in the comments!

Tomorrow we will have another fun post, but in the meantime, you can follow me on social media, where I post all sorts of stuff that doesn't make it into the blog. Like the #julybeautychallenge I have going on on Instagram, where you can today see what's my favorite new beauty release of the summer. Any guesses? Anyway, I will see you all tomorrow.

Have a fabulous week


  1. Omg beautiful! I'm not into nail polishes but my sister will love this! Thanks for sharing <3

    1. Thank you, nice to know you think that :) ♥

  2. I love those tropical nails so much! They look amazing.

    1. Thank you honey! They were fun to paint :) ♥

  3. Mistä tilaat China Glazet? On meinaan parhaita lakkoja ikinä! Haluaisin myös tietää, mitä postit maksaa sieltä, mistä tilaat ja minkä tilaustavan/paketin valitset aina? (:

    1. Tilaan yleensä Head2Toe Beautysta, postimaksua kertyy sen mukaan paljonko tilaa, esimerkiksi 17 lakan postimaksut oli jotain 40e luokkaa. (mikä kuulostaa paljolta, mutta kun lakkojen lähtöhinta on alle puolet Suomen myyntihinnoista - 3,25 dollaria kappale, tulee postimaksuista kannattavaa) :)

      Paketiksi valitsen yleensä halvimman eli muistaakseni First Class Mail International, ja ainakin tähän asti olen saanut seurantakoodin mukaan joka kerta.

      Tilauksen saapumisessa kestää suunnilleen pari viikkoa (joskus vähemmän), eikä ainutkaan pullo ole hajonnut kuljetuksessa. :)

    2. Okei, kiitos paljon! :) Olen joskus tilannut Transdesignilta ja oiskohan siellä ollut 9 lakalle 30 euroa postit. Pitää käydä vilkuilemassa tuolla Head2Toessa myöskin sitten. Halpojahan ne on, jos Suomen hintoihin vertaa, mutta kun pitää aina kerralla ostaa niin paljon, että loppusumma vähän hirvittää. :D

    3. Joo ymmärrän ihan täysin :D Kyllä kans toi vajaat parikymmentä lakkaa vähän hirvitti lompakkoa mutta onpahan taas uusia sävyjä :D


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