Winter Gear

Hey lovelies! How are you? ♥ This has taken way too long because everything that has been up lately, but I finally have this year's first outfit post for you. Today, I'll show you how I have been bundling up these crazy cold days we've had here in Finland quite a bit lately. In other words, see how my true winter gear looks like!

fur hood
winter coatcold day outfitwinter lookSpike neckalaceWinter outfit

Coat: Rukka Jeans: Gina Tricot Knit: secondhand Faux leather vest: Cubus Boots: Shu Scarf: secondhand Beanie: gift from mom Necklace: gift from friend Bag: Mango

The key to my winter gear is a good, thick coat. When that's also a bit long and has a hood, I'm pretty much covered no matter what else I wear. And usually, I have gloves or mittens on my hands but I left them out from the pictures. It wasn't too freezing that day. I really liked how the vest looked over that knit, but unfortunately you can't fully see it here. I'll be one happy camper once the temperatures get a little warmer, because it's much easier to take nice outfit pics without layering so darn much.

What do you think about this look? And, what do you usually love to wear on colder days? Let me know in the comments!

I will head to bed now, but I'm so, so happy I got this post done. It's been such a monkey on my back when I've not been able to post style things! I can't wait to take more photos this last week of January, and I think I will finally get my posting schedule somewhat right. I hope you will enjoy everything I have to share with you this year, since I have many nice things to come. I can promise that.

Tomorrow will be a date night, and we will finally go to see the latest Star Wars movie. I haven't spoiled myself too badly so far, so I think I'll be able to enjoy the movie as it's meant to be. And at least I'll have popcorn. It's a great way to spend a rest day from workout routine, don't you think? On Sunday, I'll continue kicking my butt so that I can be in the best shape possible on summer. I'm motivated to have a good bikini body then, and since the start has been good so far, I think I can make it. That, and other things about life and everything, can be seen on my social media accounts, so remember to follow me all around to keep up! I'll talk to you again soon.

Have a lovely weekend ♥


  1. What a lovely warm and snuggly outfit! Love the two coat layering going on too! :D

    Isobel x
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  2. That coat looks so warm and cosy. It is definitely a must have for the winter.

    1. It is super warm and so freaking cozy! Love it ♥

  3. Very nice outfit. We had very cold weather here too, the lowest one day was -20 degrees. I hate this period of time :(

    1. Thank you! It's terrible when the weather gets too cold, you can't do anything outside then! ♥


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